Shuhei Yoshida On Always Online For PS4 – “No, We Didn’t Consider It”

More news from this month’s Game Informer now [via], and it’s reassuring news for potential PlayStation 4 owners feeling a little left in the dark over Sony’s stance on “always online”, something that has been in the news over the last few weeks with Microsoft’s will-they-won’t-they Xbox 720.

Sony’s position: no. “Did we consider it?” says Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. “No, we didn’t consider it.”

“The main reason being that many countries don’t have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw do not really have robust Internet.”

And that’s that. The PS4 won’t need an always-on connection. Microsoft: your move.



  1. Now for some news on the used game front and I can decide whether I’ll pre-order a PS4!

  2. I very much doubt MS will take the always online route, even IF that was their original intention.
    I really hope they deliver on May 21st and hope for another generation where both Sony and MS are successful.

  3. wait… if they’re not doing it because of internet limitations how is that not considering it. If you give a reason why youre NOT doing something doesn’t that imply that you considered it but just found a good reason not to do it? Either way its the right call, but I would have hoped Sony was not doing always on because they found it to be an inconvenience to the customers not because the internet structures aren’t ready yet. With that said, I guess the “always on” rumors will continue next next gen.

    • Not necessarily. In my opinion you can have reasons for not doing something while never actually considering it.
      I would never swim in a pool full of sharks, because it is a pool filled with sharks. Have I considered it? No. The fact that I wouldn’t do it was clear from the get go, so there was no room for ifs or maybes.

  4. Fantastic news. Always knew that ‘Always Online’ is a bad move.
    Lets see what happens on 21st May!

  5. That’s how you tackle this issue. MS keeping it under wraps only means they are in fact doing it or have at least considered it until recently. I get that they haven’t announced anything official, but that’s what controlled leaks are for and all the leaks pointed to always on. Shame on you MS…

    • MS aren’t commenting on it because they haven’t announced the console yet.

      • Yes, and like I said they could have leaked information that debunked those rumors if they were in fact not true. They had to swallow a lot of bad press and that’s never a good start, is it?

  6. ha ha, Sony nice and to the point. Stops the confusion and keeps gamers happy.

  7. Great news.

    On watching the DShock trailer, they mention some sound effects will emit from it, when playing using headphones, will the PS4 recognise this & filter it to my headphones?

  8. Brilliant news to wake up to today! I didn’t really believe they would go for it to be honest but now that its certain is very good cant wait for playstation4 now :-D
    I must also add that the controller looks quite big like a classic xbox controller…
    This I’m also happy with! My enjoyment on Playstation far out whits the xbox but one thing I did personally prefer was the controller design for xbox much more comfortable for me.

  9. Great to read that the penny has finally dropped regarding the third world internet connections some people have to put up with in the EU especially the UK, heck some of them might as well still make the dialling tone sound!

  10. They say that now but I’ll give you odds on it will be patched in at a later date. After all, online passes were unheard of when the 360/PS3 first launched and now look where we are…

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