Just Cause 2 Devs “Haven’t Seen A Dime” Off The Recent PlayStation Plus Freebie


Avalanche, the developers of open world hit Just Cause 2, didn’t see a penny from the recent promotion where the full game appeared as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.


“I don’t know how much, if any, Square Enix has made from the game,” said the studio’s Christofer Sundberg, “but we have only received a lot of great PR and gamer feedback.”

He added that they’d “not seen a dime” from the promotion, but the feedback was “worth more than a few dollars in royalty to us at this point.”

It seems that Plus promotions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We’re aware that some smaller developers would rather offset the deal with some cash, but for some it’s apparent that good PR is more than enough.

“From a PR and goodwill standpoint, it’s most definitively worthwhile,” added Sundberg.

“With free giveaways, early releases, special demos and so forth Sony builds loyalty from their players,” he continued.

“That is exactly what they should focus on. Most players won’t have the money to buy both a PS4 and the next Xbox, and a PC, so a loyal customer base is a must for the survival of the consoles.”

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  1. I’d say the main incentive is it drives DLC sales. The way it’s worded sounded like it’s more of a issue with Square than Sony?

    • I don’t think it’s an issue at all. They seemed perfectly happy.

      • The issue is that they were left out of the negotiations / information loop completely if you ask me. Someone has to get paid. Sony can’t just put up games for free and not talk it over with the dev / publisher if they don’t want to pay them their cut so SquareEnix must have made a deal that excluded Avalanche, which I think is a dick move…

      • Depends on the contracts the developer signed.

      • I’m guessing this was not a deal that was covered specifically in the contract. Otherwise they wouldn’t even have mentioned the fact that they didn’t see a cent.

  2. Hopefully getting many more people charmed by the antics of Rico so they’re interested in JC3. Given what the pc mods of JC2 have done and the amazing playground this game provided on the current gen I cannot wait to see what Avalanche do next (preferably pay someone a few quid to draft a competent story too!)

  3. Well, they got my money a while ago, and money well spent i must say, again.

  4. Personally I think PS+ freebies are a great way to generate interest in a series.

  5. It’s actually great to hear someone talk like that. So often it’s about the money and the sales figures and units shipped, blah blah blah. Whilst I’m not naive enough to believe that it’s not for their personal gain in the long run, clearly this team know what they’ve created is rather good and it seems he just wants others to witness that!

  6. JC2 was great, glad they are at least getting something out of the PS+ promotion.

  7. Just Cause 2 was incredibly fun and I wouldn’t have given it a second glance if not for PS plus. Now I can’t wait for Just Cause 3 and I’ll be buying it day one so the system works well. I had to cancel my PS plus sub because the internet package we have at the min is pants but I’ll definitely be signing up again when that changes.

  8. In terms of fun, Just Cause 2 is definitely in the top 3 games this gen imo. Really hope that avalanche grace us with a sequel for PS4.

    • I’m hoping for a JC3 reveal during e3. I would piss my pants out of sheer joy if JC3 was announced as a PS4 launch title!

  9. The contract is with the owner of the IP. I’m not saying the dev has a problem with this situation, but if it did, it would be with Squenix and not with Sony.

    By the way Avalanche, the game was ace. Like JR said, if it wasn’t for Plus I would never have given it the time of day. Now I’ll pick up 3 at some point. And, as others have also said, that is the principle benefit of Plus for the game companies.

  10. A very pragmatic view, probably not fair they make no money, but still appreciative of the benefits they did get.
    Well played, Avalanche, lodging a complaint, while equally not burning their bridges

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