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High Res Watch Dogs Images Leak, Look Lovely

It’s a quiet day here at TSA Towers. There’s not a lot going on in the world of videogames so excuse us for giving in to temptation and posting these half a dozen fine examples of the publisher bullshot.

These are not screenshots. There’s a very slim outside chance they’re pulled from a super high end PC or perhaps a next gen console like the PS4. Realistically, though, we have to assume they’re renders. They are rather beautiful though, with some fantastic reflections, lighting and depth of field effects.

Watch Dogs was the surprise show-stealer at last year’s E3 so we’re hoping that at this year’s event, we’ll get to see a lot more of it.

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  1. Can’t wait, the mechanics of the game look on another level for your usual open world game based in a city… & I’m intrigued as to how ‘shared instances’ is going to affect the ‘single player game’

    • EG have spoken to the game’s creative director

      Sounds brilliant!

      “But as well as smart interactions with AI, Watch Dogs will also include opportunities for you to interact with other human players in your single-player game. “Say you’re playing alone, free-roaming,” Morin explained. “There’s a bunch of activities you can activate. Sometimes – and you won’t know when – the objective that you have is related to what someone else is doing at the same time. When that happens we merge your reality with the other person’s, and you’ll be able to see them.”

      Morin gave the example of a mission where you had to spy on another hacker – but that person was a real player carrying out an objective within their own game who had unknowingly become part of your city. Sometimes you will be told if another player will be watching you during these objectives. Sometimes you won’t.

      “In playtests right now, in the scenarios where we don’t tell players [they’re interacting with another human-controlled character], most say ‘oh this is really cool, it feels like there really are other hackers out there. Then we tell them it really was other players. And they’re like ‘what?!’ We can have fun with your perceptions.”

      Can’t wait!

      • Excuse my vulgar language, but fuck: that sounds fucking rad.

      • Love the sound of this aspect of Watch Dogs sooooo much

        This was the main thing I took from their show stopping E3 demo last year. It’s just this is the first we’ve heard of how it will work.

        In addition you can leave glyphs & messages in the city for people in your friend’s list. and it has traditional multiplayer in addition to this blurred single player

        For me, on the little info & trailers we have along with this preview, the interactivity of Watch Dog’s city, the sheer number of NPCs and the data & back story for each one & this ‘shared instances’ puts it in a different league to other open world city based games, which sound kinda old hat in comparison.

      • This type of gameplay seems to be the future for a lot of games. In a few years I bet the majority of games will be doing this.

      • Gameplay vid of EG’s preview here

        Featuring new gameplay.

      • Didn’t turn out too well for Mindjack though did it?? All that happened was that other players joined your game & spoiled it.

  2. That second image is particularly good.

    I have mixed thoughts on Watchdogs. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from it so far but I’ve also got a little nagging worry in the back of my mind that it’s lacking some soul to it. Will I really want to drive around the game causing mischief and generally having fun or will it all be too serious for that and be a bit dull? Then again, I’ll have GTA for that sort of thing which is why I’m happy that both of them exist! I just wish I could see a little more soul from Watchdogs then I’d be happy as Larry.

    • I guess the tone and feel of the game will owe a lot to the story which we really haven’t seen much of. If the story is as impressive as the gameplay then this really will be a treat.

  3. So the game would look like this on my system, good. Now I only need to find the time to play it when it is released.

  4. I cannot effing wait for this. Been following this up since Feb/March. This game will be awesome. These pics are stunning especially 1, 2 and 4.

  5. This title is just beginning to draw my interest. It’s always impressed graphically but now other aspects are starting to tie it together.

  6. Hopefully at e3 they show off a little more as to what the gameplay entails. What we’ve seen so far looks ok but (to me) it all seems a bit gimmicky. I suppose I just don’t want it to be a one-trick pony as it has a lot of potential.

  7. Looks great, and everything I read about this sounds positive. Definitely looking forward to this.

    I love the last pic, real intensity there. Palpable!

  8. I haven’t been paying much interest to this game but after reading cc_star’s cut & paste I am now very excited. The whole concept of playing with/against other humans without either party knowing is an amazing idea. I just hope its a seamless thing whereby we really do have no idea its happening.

  9. Not really high res pictures though, 1024×576 is sub-HD, And there’s loads of JPEG artifacting…

    But the game is looking good, I just hope it’s an open world with loads to do.
    GTA V, Watch_Dogs and inFAMOUS Second Son in one year (Don’t let me down Sony!). Fantastic!

  10. Really looking forward to this, I just need to decide what platform to get it on!

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