Metro: Last Light’s Ranger Mode Is A Pre Order Bonus

Metro 2033 is a game I really enjoyed. It was a very atmospheric and tense experience playing as Artyom in post apocalyptic Moscow. I played the game on Normal difficulty but there was also a Ranger Mode I was tempted to try.  Ranger Mode removes the HUD, gives you less ammo and supplies and makes encounters with enemies more deadly. Essentially a much harder difficulty.

In 2033 this mode was included. However now it is a pre order bonus for Metro: Last Light. A difficulty setting which removes items from the game is now an extra.

I understand publishers have pre-order DLC nowadays as an incentive or part of a publishing deal, usually in the form of an exclusive gun or something else to give a certain edge. Metro Last Light has these with the exclusive weapon of the Russian ASKU and 100 military round grades. Both of these give an advantage in game. As far as I can tell the pre-order bonus was met. Removing a mode and then selling at an extra charge is ludicrous.

Personally I was really looking forward to Last Light but I just can’t support such a DLC move. Bonus missions and bonus guns, fine, as long as they don’t form a key part of the story. But to remove a difficulty setting and then charge for it? That has to be a new low when it comes to pre-orders and DLC.

Source: Metro Last Light Official Site


  1. I thought this was already a known thing?!

    I am, however, seeing that you’ll be able to buy Ranger mode for £4 on day one… So… yeah… Everything’s OK because of that, right? :\

    • I only came across it this afternoon. Really can’t see how it can be justified.

    • Yeah, I remember hearing about this ages ago. Not sure why I’ve seen a lot of gaming sites / reddit pick up on it today, but I can see the Dev’s removing it due to the massive backlash that has suddenly occured.

      • Sometimes these things don’t get spotted, and then a single place re-reports it and there’s an industry-wide amnesia effect. ;-)

        @Aran: Yeah… It’s sucky. £4 to get rid of your HUD. Ha!

      • It’s a lot better that everyone’s jumped on it all at once, gives it better (negative) coverage rather than 1 or 2 sites complaining about it. As I said before, hopefully the Devs will change it + it will act as a warning to other Devs thinking of doing something similar.

      • Well yes, but surely everyone should have jumped on a few months back when it was announced, and the company could feasibly backtrack?

        It’s too late for it to actually happen now.

      • Surely a simple patch would work though? I imagine the hunter mode is already on the disk, the pre-order code/DLC key merely unlocks it.

      • it’s not that simple though, what about the people who pre-ordered just for hunter mode? there going to feel cheated.

  2. Now waiting for the achievement/trophy that is ‘complete game on Ranger Mode’ so that you HAVE to buy it in order to get the full 1000G or Platinum trophy.

  3. Greedy bastards will no longer be getting my money, will wait to pick this up for a fiver in next years steam sale.

    I’m all for selling a stripped down version of the game for a discounted price, such as Motorstorm RC. But this is unacceptable to charge full price, then more for the complete game.

    Devs/publishers like this deserve to go out of business, I hope this game is a total flop.

  4. Vote with your money people! Mine’s staying in the Bank.

    • Same here. Was looking forward to this but if they continue with this tactic then I’m happy not buying it. I have plenty to choose from as I don’t game as hard as many on here so missing this out really won’t bother me. However, it would’ve definitely been a purchase until now.

      Utterly unimpressed.

      • My wallet could do with a rest, this and the FUSE demo have saved me a few quid this month.

  5. This would probably rank 4th in my list of worst DLCs. The others being….

    #1 – Tomb Raider – Multiplayer maps. The game has already released more multiplayer maps than the game came with (5), and the game has at least 4-5 Prestiges which means you’d basically spend, statistically, one prestige on each level. Furthermore, since the maps were released in bundles as small as two, matchmaking is a pain in the arse – I couldn’t even join a private game with a friend on one of the original maps, as he hadn’t purchased the DLC (even though we didn’t want to play on one of the DLC maps)!!!
    #2 – Dead Space 3 – the “Awakened” DLC actually continues the story rather than offering say a side-story, so if you only buy the main game, you basically miss out on the last part of the story.
    #3 – DiRT 3 – “Car Horn” sounds. Really?!

    • Don’t forget beyond: two souls having a pre-order bonus dlc scene. A scene, an entire scene. Unbelievable. Marketing part of the story.

      • It’s debatable if that’s part of the story any more than a deleted scene on a Blu-ray is.

  6. Did Bioshock do something similar?

    I’m not sure if I’m recalling correctly, but didn’t the hardest difficult mode come as part of the DLC or something?

  7. I don’t see the problem with the Ranger mode DLC as you’re not exactly forced to buy it. The platinum is achievable without the DLC so you only need to buy it if you like playing games on Very Hard or Veteran difficulty. Me….I’m just glad the platinum is achievable without having to play on a Very Hard difficulty, as that is one of my pet hates (looking @ COD & it’s Veteran difficulty)

  8. I’m not bothered about missing out on Ranger mode but i hope there aren’t any more caveats to be expected as i’ve been quite looking forward to this game.

  9. apparently the retailers are to blame.

    and if you believe that, i’ve got this bridge for sale.
    i accept paypal. ^_^

  10. I think this is comparable to when sports car makers bring out a model that has loads of kit ‘striped out’ in order to reduce the weight …. and then go and charge a load more money for less stuff. It might sound crazy to pay for this but when the end result is a more enjoyable/exhilarating experience, you could argue that it’s worth it.
    Technically you don’t need to pre-order to get the extra content and play it “the way it was meant to be played” (as I believe the Ranger mode was described), you just have to buy the limited edition of the game, which I’d expect will be available weeks after release.
    I think the DLC weapon and ammo are only for use in the ‘Ranger mode’, which seems quite a weird decision.
    Refusing to buy the game solely because of this seems extremely over the top to me, it is of course peoples decision to make though, I just think that surely if it bothers you why not send a comment/complaint email instead (or even as well as, at least then they know exactly why you didn’t buy it).

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