EA Teases “Big Battlefield Announcements” – Says Battlefield 4 Will Be “Available On PS3”

Everyone, presumably rightly, expects that EA’s Battlefield 4 will be available on both next-generation consoles. And I personally think that will remain the case.

However, tongues are wagging this evening that tomorrow’s next-gen Xbox reveal might hold a little surprise. “Big announcements are coming soon!” said the official Twitter account in the last hour.

Could this be related to tomorrow’s Microsoft conference?

The official Twitter account has replied to queries regarding next-gen platforms, with “Battlefield 4 will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3”, not mentioning PlayStation 4.

Coincidence? Does Microsoft have something here?

Battlefield 4 won’t be next-gen exclusive to the new Xbox, but is there a chance that there’ll be some window where Microsoft get to say they’re the only next-gen platform holder with the game?

Or, most likely, some DLC?

Games revealed tomorrow include a next-generation iteration of FIFA and the new Call of Duty game, both Xbox staples and both likely to garner significant interest in the console.

If nothing else, there’s going to be a lot of noise tomorrow.

Sony are expected to fully reveal Panopticon during the same 24 hour period, although that’s not likely to really take much away from Microsoft’s event unless it’s something special.


  1. “The official Twitter account has replied to queries regarding next-gen platforms, with “Battlefield 4 will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3″, not mentioning PlayStation 4.”

    Also not mentioning the next Xbox.

    • Next Xbox hasn’t been announced. So, it wouldn’t appear as yet.

  2. Tommorow can’t come soon enough so all these endless rumours can be laid to rest.

    BF4 almost certainly will come to PS4 – EA are a multi-format company.

    Just like Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs at Sony’s Conference and that along with aC 4 are getting 1 hour exclusive content on ps3/4.

    BF4 will prolly get exclusive or timed exclusive DLC/content for maybe fifa 14/bf4.

    Anyway i’ll get my popcorn ready tommorow. And then pre-order it :)

  3. I’d assume it’s just exclusive DLC again. Especially since that EA official said he’d seen BF4 running on the PS4 and it was “stunning”.

  4. FIFA an Xbox staple? It’s a PlayStation staple considering the PS version of FIFA outsells the Xbox version in nearly everywhere in EU apart from the UK. But yes, Microsoft have brought the big guns out with three mammoth franchises being shown at their reveal.

  5. I wonder if they’ve added an exclusive feature to FIFA for xbox vis-a-vis the rumoured tv/media-heavy features of the new console? i.e. exclusive training or game footage or something like that? .. I dunno .. i don’t actually follow football.. :/

    Extrapolating on that thought perhaps they could have an exclusive tv show that ties in with Battlefield 4 …. or a new season of The Undateables to tie in with COD…or do i mean The Expendables … oh well, either or .. ;-)

    • Perhaps XBox will have a FIFA exclusive which means you don’t constantly get disconnected from the EA servers!

  6. Even if my favourite game Battlefield was totally exclusive to Microsoft (which wont be the case) it still wouldn’t make me buy their next console. Amazing that they haven’t learned from their mistakes from the last gen.

  7. This is odd, slightly. Between 360 & PS3, the 360 had the COD DLC first, the PS3 Battlefield 3. COD had 360 at the end of all it’s advertising, Battlefield the PS3. So why then, when both big shooting games are going up against each other, would EA agree to Microsoft signing some sort of exclusivity deal..? That does not make sense.

    Oh. Money. Yes. There is that.

  8. I can see this, no comment on ps4/720 becoming a trend, in order to maximise sales. (bf4/codmw/gt6/gtav will all be making an appearance next-gen imo.)

  9. MS partnering with both EA and Acti could be a massive boost with BF and COD to the sales.

  10. Is this a Microsoft event or EA?

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