Sony’s New PlayStation Game “Panopticon” Revealed

The mysterious countdown (countup?) is over, and Sony’s Panopticon – a game teased for a week or so – has been revealed in the form of a trailer.

It’s a Japan Studio game, and looks resolutely Japanese – although it’s a lengthy enough trailer it’s not easy to gauge what the game is actually about.


Have a look, and let us know if you have any ideas.

Hopefully we’ll get some more information on this before E3 in a few weeks – the visual style is nice but it could be almost anything really, although it’s clear it’s a game at least.



  1. Watchdogs + Remember Me + Final Fantasy. Which let’s face it, is a bloody awesome combination.

    • Also the 3rd birthday on you list = awesomeness. Dunno if you ever played it on the psp

      • Not sure about 3rd birthday in their (fabulous game I agree), I certainly got a distinct sense of God Eater Burst though.

      • *there

    • + monster hunter

  2. Well that is all rather boring then.

  3. Don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but Panopticon is the name for the theoretical ultimate prison.

    It is circular so all cells are looking in at each other and gives the prison no privacy.

    Not sure how this would tie in with the game though lol.

    • Actually it is about being able to watch any prisoner at any time without them knowing if they are watched or not.

    • I expect in this case it’s about the root idea of someone not knowing whether they are being watched at any given moment or not.

      • Well I assume the people that are battling at the ones who get taken by the cyclops police people and then get augmented some how in the surgery.

  4. Please, let this be an PS3, jRPG title.

    • It looks very snazzy for a PS3 title but the video is only 720p, if it was PS4 I would asume it would 1080p. So PS3 is my guess.

  5. What this game is about?

    i would say it’s about Awesome!

  6. Hope it’s a vita game they been hyping about that’s not an indie

    • That’s not a VIta game

      • How do you reckon?
        This looks like CG cut scenes. It might very well be a Vita game.

  7. Looks lovely. Also, just an observation, but with everyone having timers above their heads, could this mean that people have an expiration time/date? Perhaps Logan’s Run style?

    • I thought it looked like everyone was given a set number for identification purposes. Though nearer the end you do see it counting down, so I’m not sure.

    • That’s what I thought. When the timer reaches 0 you die (or at least something happens). The baby could be the chosen one with a red counter that doesn’t count down?
      Whatever it is, it looks interesting.

  8. Looks far too confusing for me. What happened to the good ole days when they made simple games like Pong on the Atari? If you showed me a 2 minute trailer for Pong or even Fifa I could probably tell you what the games about.

  9. ok, what the flip was that all about?

    i don’t know what to make of it, but i want to see more.

    a new JRPG would be AWESOME though. ^_^

  10. “although it’s clear it’s a game at least.”

    Im not so sure, no gameplay in the trailer so it could just be a Animie Show!!!

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