“Panopticon” Becomes “Freedom Wars”, Vita Exclusive

Panopticon, the PlayStation game teased over the last couple of weeks, has been revealed to be actually called “Freedom Wars”, with a full trailer available today on the Japanese PSN.


We’re currently chasing that up and will update if it becomes available online.

It’s now available below.


“Freedom Wars” was recently trademarked by Sony (just a few weeks back), locking the game into being a first party title. The exciting thing is that it’s going to be a PS Vita exclusive.

We should be hearing more about the game today, so consider this a first heads up, with (hopefully) more to come. The game can be seen, partially, in the video above.



  1. I said it! And I knew it

  2. Panopticon was way better than ‘Freedom wars’…oh well!

  3. Why announce today of all days?

  4. nice game looks cool.

  5. Looks good. Is this real good going to take spotlight of MS? No.

  6. Didn’t see that coming.

    I thought it looked like a PS3 game.

    Excellent news!

  7. “That’s not a Vita game” -Tuffcub


    • I was hoping the same thing as Tuffcub. Damn…

    • Yeah that’s what I thought. I can’t say I’m surprised, looked like a quest hunter that seemed perfectly suited for the handheld.

  8. Looks really interesting. I like the Death Note style life timers. Horrible name though, hopefully not a reflection on the quality of the rest of the game.

  9. Looks like I’m buying a Vita then…

  10. Oh man, that’s excellent! The Vita needed some more love, and since it’s Japan Studio we can trust it to be of good quality.

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