News Snatch: Narco Terror, Weird Tablets And Resident Evil 7?!
The ’80s are back! Well, in videogames they are, I think we can do without poodle perms, shoulder pads and MC Hammer trousers.

Following the release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon comes the downloadable shooter Narco Terror from Deep Silver. The twin stick shooter offers seamless drop in/drop out co-op and appears to be a mash up of classic arcade games N.A.R.C., Commando and 1942. Personally I am getting rather bored of thirty minute introduction movies and tutorials that last half a month so this looks like the perfect antidote.


The word is that the PlayStation Vita will have a “surprisingly big show at E3”. Sony are going to have to put in some extra work to make sure the dinky console is not forgotten amidst all the next gen hyperbole, so expect a few surprises. My money is on the God Of War franchise making an appearance.

Bob Summerwill, a senior software engineer at EA has caught that strange virus that afflicts the games industry, TND. Yes it’s another case of Tweeted ‘n’ Deleted with Bob commenting on the prospects for the Wii U.


The tweets were captured by a poster on NeoGAF but have mysteriously vanished from Bob’s Twitter feed.

Ellen Page has been talking about her role in Beyond: Two Souls, describing it as “absolutely the most challenging acting job, a really, really emotionally intense and gruelling experience.”

To prepare for the role she played Quantic Dream’s previous masterpiece, Heavy Rain.

“I got Heavy Rain and I was completely stunned,” she says, “I had such limited gaming experience at the time and the technology just blew me away. To see this combination of interactive gameplay with cinematic scope of narrative was fascinating.”

The interview in Metro also revealed that Beyond: Two Souls has a cast of 160 characters.

The Assassin’s Creed movie has a release date and it’s May 22nd 2015. Yup, two years away, don’t go buying your popcorn just yet. Interestingly, if the recently announced Star Wars: Episode VII sticks to that franchise’s usual release period, this is also its most likely date.

The Bioshock short film was released while I was away. It’s rather good, if a little limited due to the small budget.

A lot of you were rather miffed that Metro: Last Light would only have “Ranger Mode” as pre-order DLC. My copy purchased from Morrisons on Friday and not pre-ordered came with the DLC as standard. Perhaps it’s a “first pressing” kind of thing, like the Assassin’s Creed “limited editions” were?

Voice Acting News: Kevin Conroy will return for duties in Batman: Arkham Origins and the entire original cast of Duck Tales, including 93 year-old Alan Young, the voice of Scrooge, will be back for Duck Tales Remastered.


Concept art for American McGee’s next project, Ozombie, has appeared on Facebook. Described as “Oz + Steam Punk + Zombies = Fun” the title will follow McGee’s tradition of taking a classic tale and warping it, this time he has added the undead to Alice In Wonderland.

A poster for Resident Evil 7 has appeared, could be fake, probably is.

OUYA will be present at E3 and by present I mean ‘in a car park across the road from the convention’ – classy!

TSA will be strongly represented at the conference with Alex, Peter and Kris reporting live from the event which means myself, Teffers and the others are left unsupervised in the TSA office under strict instructions to behave.

Anyone know where I can hire a bouncy castle?

And Finally, a proper dev diary (check out the weirdy beardies) for The Last Of Us. Enjoy!



  1. Regarding the Metro: Last Light news, it’s all first run copies that include the “DLC” as standard.

  2. The same thing happened with BLOPS 2 as well. I didn’t pre order it but I bought it from GAME a few days after launch and it had the pre order DLC codes inside.

    You should have asked for a bouncy castle sooner. I had one yesterday for my sons birthday!

  3. Gamestop were offering a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of Metro Last Light – but that’s also the only version they seemed to have in stock/on their website. Could be the game devs decided to go that way because of the controversy over ranger mode.

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