Sony Teases PlayStation 4, Dates Full Reveal

Sony will reveal the PlayStation 4 on June 10th, just before E3, during their conference.



  1. And I’m on the hype train again. Looking good.

    • Seems most people are. #PS4 is trending on Twitter, yet nothing Xbox related is – despite being revealed tomorrow. Sony are playing their cards right breh.

    • Definitely kicked it p a notch, :-)

  2. So it looks like a black box? Never saw that coming!

    • I would never of guessed it would be black, just like all the other PS consoles and hand-helds. Except the original.

      • I should’ve made a bet with you, I’d’ve guessed black all along! Maybe it’ll come in 90’s grey too?

      • I want one that looks exactly like the original PS but with PS4 internals… I still a love for the original PS, even though it is kinda ugly…

  3. Nice to see some interesting advertising from Sony – I’m quite excited to see the console now!

  4. It’s a black square!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

  5. Oh Sony you big tease you =P
    It almost look like a phat PS3 matte but slightly bigger? Ah well June 10th can’t come any quicker.

    • My first thought was “teasing bastards!” but, thankfully, in a good way. We know the game they’re playing and it appears they’ve read the rules this time. :-)

  6. Everyone at Sony HQ: What?! Microsoft are doing something tomorrow? We *honestly* didn’t know, just a pure coincidence, we swear!

  7. I’m liking the blue light and the matte finish. I’m also looking forward to the loading noise.

    • Haha, i’m looking forward to that new sound too :)

      Also, the box is a square! It’s square!

  8. As tomorrow will be international Next Xbox Day it’s a good idea Sony released this video today – it steals a little bit of Microsofts thunder without getting over-shadowed.

  9. Come on June 10th. Hurry please

  10. Good old Sony have to try and steal M$ thunder on the eve of their reveal.

    • Not sure about doing the whole “M$” thing. I agree that it’s smart business sense to do it on the eve of the reveal, rather than do it on the day and get lost in the tide of Microsoft news.

    • Please don’t do “M$” on this site, unless you’re planning on doing $on¥ and Ninten-dough at the same time.

      Even then… just don’t.

      • Under penalty of DEATH! (Of your reputation as a commenter on here that is)

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