Spielberg Working On Halo Live Action TV Show

Bonnie Ross has just come onto the stage to talk about Halo and has revealed that the Halo Universe will be getting its own TV show.

Steven Spielberg will be working with 343 Industries to bring the live action show to Xbox One, though details on what part of the universe the show will focus on remains unclear. No actors or actresses have been announced, and no director or writers either, but with Spielberg behind it I can see some major talent making appearances.

Following the seemingly endless attempts to get a Halo movie off the ground, perhaps the series will be a better fit as a serial project.

Microsoft is going heavy on partnership at this US-focussed event. They have also announced a new partnership with the NFL to bring exclusive streaming to the Xbox One, which will include access to games and functions that should help you keep your fantasy football team bang up to date with what’s going on in the league. Whether that will all be available outside of North America is unknown.


  1. “Premium”… of course it would be.

    • isn’t everything on xbox live ?

      • True, but I get the feeling it won’t just be Xbox Live you have to pay for in order to watch it.

    • i’ll wait for a Bluray version then.

  2. I’m interested in the Halo TV series but I hope there will be ways to watch it without having to buy a One.

  3. i just hope this doesn’t fall through like the movie did.

  4. so in the end, this is the only thing announced at the show that holds any long term interest for me.

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