The Xbox One Restricts Pre-Owned Sales Through Disc Installs

Although they didn’t mention anything from their show stage, several reports are emerging that the old used game blockage story about Microsoft’s next gen console might be true enough, after all.

Wired was the first place we spotted it, then CVG and MCV (that one’s a “more to follow” at time of writing) have backed it up.


The Xbox One requires all games to be installed onto the system’s hard disc before playing. After which, you can seemingly remove the disc (so that 500GB hdd might need fattening up a bit fairly soon, too). The game is tied to the Xbox Live account that installed it and if it’s put into someone else’s machine and installed, it will require an additional fee before it can be played.

While this isn’t the worst-nightmare “Always on” scenario many feared, it isn’t far from it. This would severely restrict pre-owned sales and goes some way to explaining why EA might have dropped their online pass system a few days ago.



  1. Very bad move. There goes 80% of their sales.

  2. ok, if true, not getting one.

    most of the new features they touted for the system will only be available in the us anyway, or locked behind a gold wall.

    Xbox None, i might as well call it.

    • if true? they announced it….

      • oh.

        i hadn’t read the linked articles when i wrote that.
        now i still stand by most of what i wrote, just without the first three words.

  3. *Pre-orders PS4* Well there’s my allegiance set.

    • In firmness, Sony haven’t said they won’t be doing this either. Of course, they haven’t said they will, but don’t rule it out just yet.

  4. I’ve seen both Sony and MS reveals now and currently own both but from what I’ve seen so far Camp Sony here I come. What with my Vita and all it’s a no brainer. Thought EA ditching Project Ten Dollar was bit to good to be true. Sony all the way for me! I think.

  5. This does mean that that 500GB’s going to be eaten fast… roughly 20 games based on 25GB Discs.

    Also makes you wonder what’s the point in buying physical if it’s going to install everything anyway?

    I have a solution… why not have a game disc serial, when that’s inserted into the console, upload that to a server along with the console serial, you’re only storing <1MB of data rather than up to 50GB.

    • Energy efficiency?

    • 20 games might be optimistic – if it’s true that the starting point of next-gen games will be 1080p then how big are textures going to be – Killzone 3 took up 42gb of a BD50 and it wasn’t 1080p.

      Also doesn’t include how much of that 500gb will be reserved for the system – I’ve just whacked a 1TB drive into my PS3 and I’ve “only” got 828gb for myself – Top Gear maths says we might get around 400gb of a 500gb hdd to use ourselves – so 8 and a half Killzone 3’s….

      • Downloads for games are generally smaller then their on disc counterparts. So we might need less than the full 42 GB per game.

      • I was giving a best case on a 25GB game size with no patches or DLC :).

    • It’s hard to say. Whilst X1 games will likely be larger in size than PS3, I’d say the average Blu-ray downloadable game is currently about 7gb. X1 will probably fit more than 20 games, though still not loads.

      • Initial install, PLUS, numerous patches.

  6. Depending on price of the second system install fee, could this basically mean that two or more people could have a full game installed on their console for cheaper than buying a full game? e.g. Game is £40, second installation fee is £10, so technically two people would be able to play the full game for £25 (providing they are mates and the second person would give them some money back).

    • True but more than likely, the disc ID on the disc will identify 2 copies & shut the first off.

    • I’m guessing you would still need the disc to start the game, like a lot of the PC games from a few years ago (not brought anything on PC in years so not sure what its like now). They will do that so as not to just install and sell on.

  7. i just had a thought.
    this will require some kind of online certification right?
    even if only at the install stage.
    so if you don’t have net access, or live is down, you’ve got to wait to play your games when you get it home.

    that’ll be popular. o_O

    • User… “Xbox, play Halo.”
      Xbox… “Sorry, not today.”

  8. If Xbox One wanting me to control my TV with gestures and voice while subjecting me to trending tabs that get placed before game tabs wasn’t enough, this just destroyed my interest in picking one up.

    Unless Sony really screw up on June 10th, they’ve already won, imo.

  9. Xbox “trade yourself in”

    • That quote was stolen from a friend!

      • That quote is legendary hahaha

  10. And I thought the XBOX I bought in 2003 was the first ONE…

    • My thoughts exactly, seems a rather odd choice of name.

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