No Self Publishing for Indie Developers on Xbox One

[videoyoutube]In a move that will surely upset some of the most creative people in the industry, Microsoft have revealed that they have no plans to allow independent developers to self publish on Xbox One through the Xbox Live Arcade.

Previously, Xbox Live Indie Games tried to offer a way for developers to publish their own indie games on the Xbox 360 but it was very limited in scope, with only one development environment: XNA, which has now been discontinued.

This doesn’t mean no indie games on Xbox One but makes it even harder for developers to get their games on the system – they’ll have to go through a publisher “as of right now”, according to Matt Booty of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms.

That doesn’t rule out a new service similar to XBLIG, however; Booty continued “I would also expect that for this new generation, that we’re going to continue to explore new business models and new ways of surfacing content.” which is a relief – it doesn’t seem likely that there will be anything around launch, however.

From his final comment, it seems that Microsoft Studios work with indie developers to release content on Xbox Live Arcade if they like their game – “Microsoft Studios is a publisher that works with a wide range of partners, as do a lot of other people, to bring digital content to the box.”, though this will surely be at a cost to the developer.

Sony and Nintendo are really pushing the indie content on the PlayStation Store and eShop respectively, with titles such as Thomas Was Alone, Velocity Ultra and Bit.Trip Runner 2 being recent acclaimed yet self-published titles.

Source: ShackNews



  1. Microsoft, you confuse me. They are making some very strange decisions but, i guess they know what they’re doing!?! Was hoping for a good show from them but it’s not looking good. They’re defo making a lot of peoples decisions regarding what machine to buy a lot easier.

  2. Are MS determined to put gamers off their console as well as driving away indie developers? It is hard enough for an indie developer to get their game published on the 360 due to MS’s current rules but this makes it even harder. I can see many indie developers choosing the PS4 or Steam or Wii U over the Xbox because it’s more friendly to indie developers. I swear that they have lost the plot.

  3. Wow!!! Microsoft are screwing Windows 8 up, Windows 8 tablets and phones, VioP monopolies with their Skype prices, and now the XboxOne (what a name :P)! Cherry on the top is a big F*CK YOU to the indie community that they helped to start/build on XBLive.

  4. I wonder if EA are feeling any of this wave of criticism? IF (still a big if ATM) the X1 struggles at launch how long before they jump camps with the exclusives?? Not that it effects me as I don’t buy their UT dlc anyway!

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