Velocity Ultra Art Competition

We’re big fans of Velocity Ultra here on TSA, and we’re even bigger fans of the developers behind it, FuturLab. That’s why we’ve teamed up to run a fun competition for you with some truly awesome prizes including the chance to win this Velocity Ultra print that you see below!

‘You Know You Want It’ – Jack Hamilton, Velocity Ultra Cutscene Artist

‘You Know You Want It’ – Jack Hamilton, Velocity Ultra Cutscene Artist.

Simply grab some Velocity Ultra art assets from below, create something cool, and post evidence on the Futurlab Facebook page. ‘Something cool’ can be a PS Vita lock screen image, a piece of fan art, a comic strip, a LEGO Quarp Jet – ANYTHING COOL – that is somehow inspired by Velocity Ultra.

You don’t even have to be artistic, anything cool from a witty joke or caption could easily win a prize. If this all sounds too crazy for you, check out FuturLab’s own ‘Bullet Proof Definition Of Art‘ – anything goes for these guys!

To clarify: 

And that’s it, you’re done! FuturLab will pick their favourites (have your entries in by midday on the 7th of June, please) and we will reveal a winner over here on shortly after a selection is made.

[drop]The winner will receive a Velocity Ultra art print, as well as a copy of the game and some Velocity Ultra stickers. Not only that, but the best 5 runners up will also receive a copy of the game and some stickers making your chances of winning a prize very high!

The winners will be contacted via Facebook.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Facebook page but don’t hesitate to give us a link to your entry in the comments below if you feel like sharing it with us. There’s a really good chance of winning some great prizes here so good luck and have fun!

As always the TheSixthAxis terms and conditions apply.


  1. “You don’t even have to be artistic, anything cool from a witty joke or caption could easily win a prize.”

    – just make *something*

    Come on, you can do it! :D

  2. I did. A remix. GIVE ME MY PRIZE. :P

  3. Great competition, but Facebook? Nah.

    • Facebook allows lots of stuff to be posted easily by other people. It’s the ideal location for a competition like this. Go on, give it a pop! :D

    • I have to agree. Used Facebook and got nothing but hassled by random people.

      Might see what I can come up with for the fun of it and maybe post on the forums, I already have the fantastic game so…

  4. Can’t wait for the potential PS4 release of “Super Velocity Ultra HD REMIX Mega Championship edition of editionsss”

    Cool comp might give the art thing a try.. heh.

  5. Will see what I can come up with :)

  6. I love that artwork, but sadly I have the artistic and creative ability of a potato.

    • But I’m sure you could create a potato quarp jet, if you gave it a quick go.

  7. Seems like the appropriate place to ask but I’m still confused as to how I’m meant to use telepods, and the ability to go back a little?

    • They’re there for the ability to create checkpoints which allow you to teleport back to locations where there are multiple routes.

      When you get to a place where the path breaks off in to two, drop a pod, take a route, and then spring back for the purpose of going down the other route and getting all the escape vessels, flicking switches in certain sequences, or getting the hidden bonus areas.

      All in all it’s a clever idea that breaks the linearity of the game. Hope that helps.

      • I understand that bit, but I don’t know how to teleport back to them :S

      • oh. Well in Ultra you go to the map screen, then use the d-pad to select which spawn point you want to go to and X button it. I can’t remember which button it is for the map though.

      • Thank you! That’s explains what I’ve been doing wrong. I was pressing all sorts of buttons but didnt think to bring the map up.

  8. Dude’s hair is fabulous.

  9. That was cool recurv ;)

    I have little to no artistic talent but might give the competition a bash.

    In fact that reminds me……..It was suggested to me that I post some pics of the Far Cry: Blood Dragon cards I won in an earlier competition here on TSA.
    I’ll post them in the forums sometime this weekend if anybody’s interested. :P

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