Show Sony We Don’t Want DRM On Used Games #PS4NoDRM #PS4USEDGAMES

Following discussion this morning that there’s still a chance the PS4 could implement some kind of system-wide DRM on used games, a campaign has started over on GAF to let people collectively voice their own opinion on the matter.

Ideally, of course, Sony have already picked up on what happened with Microsoft’s multiple level PR disaster last week and they’ve scrapped the idea, but there’s still the chance that certain publishers could still have their way.

The campaign revolves around two main hashtags – #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES – which slightly dilutes the objective but should hopefully get people to notice that (we assume) the end users aren’t really into not being able to freely trade, share and sell their unwanted games.

There’s no specific Tweet you can copy and paste – the idea is that you’ll form your own thoughts on this and that’ll make it harder for those in charge to simply ignore. If you have an opinion on this, you have a voice, and we reckon Sony need to hear it.

You can see how many people are picking up on this here.



  1. I like to think Sony will avoid DRM, but either way it’s highly unlikely anything will have an impact on their stance now. At this point whatever option they’ve chosen will be heavily integrated within the system and the games themselves.

    • Agreed, Like I said in the other news post; they said you could be 100% offline if that’s your thing. Maybe for playing those same games online but that appears to be up to the publisher.

  2. I’m not particularly against the DRM idea. I mean, they obviously have to make it worthwhile buying a second hand game, eg 50% or more off the original price, but this is a good way to support the developers. Look how many games developers are shutting down lately, leaving us with just the big game companies punting out generic high selling games (ie COD, Fifa, etc).

    Of course this is assuming the developers get any of this money…

    • pre-owned game fees rarely support the developer. publisher, yeah.

      • Maybe, but EA have stopped Online Passes, and this isn’t the same as money going to GameStop only. This could be their chance to basically sell the game again at a reduced price. If this is the case this could benefit developers (at least more so than what they get now), the publishers and to an extent, the consumer.

        But I know, hoping that they do this in a fair way is a very optimistic view.

    • To be honest, if it were to stop the constant shutting of studios, I’d be for it.

      But I have no idea if it would. I do remember buying a LOT less PS2 games than I did for PS3, although PS+ covers most of my gaming needs today.


      I wonder if PS+ could be a solution? PS+ subscribers don’t pay the used game fee?

    • yeah, the worldwide recession had nothing to do with studios shutting down.
      it was all preowned sales that did that.

      • Nor the widely believed idea among publishers that any game that doesnt sell millions is a flop.

  3. Sony and Microsoft really need to come out before E3 and clarify always online and used game issue. I have no doubt nothing will be announced during either conference.

    I know Sony have said they won’t have an always online connection which makes perfect sense as most countries don’t have stable internet connections.

  4. What I wouldn’t be opposed to would be Sony keeping some sort of online pass for multiplayer content, particularly as this is content that will need to be continually supported by the developers. But, instead of having to pay to unlock multiplayer full stop, I think they should continue the trend that they have set with Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 multiplayer downloads by allowing pre-owned copies of games to allow players to play the multiplayer component, but to a limited degree e.g. With a level cap, perk restrictions etc.

    This means that if you really like the multiplayer, you can pay a little extra to continue playing it, while also supporting the devs (£5 for a pass would seem much more appealing than £8 I think).than

  5. This pre-owned scheme of Microsoft seemed like an ability to hit two birds with one stone, enforcing a more guaranteed form of DRM whilst raking in all the profits that the individuals and game retailers pick up on. I would hope that at least developers make some money out of it, but who knows how much when Microsoft are the ones enforcing the fee.

  6. I think Sony have taken notice of the backlash caused by the DRM on the Xbox and if they are smart, they will not implent any form of it. I don’t mind if it locks it down to one console by having a unique code that the console reads from the disc as it would make pirating it hard but the PS3 didn’t suffer that much from piracy. But i hope they won’t have any DRM that requires a decent connection or prevents preowned sales as that would put me off it. I would most likely choose the PC platform and go digitial only gaming.

    If Sony comes out and says “We have listened to you and we will not be implenting any form of DRM but we are keeping the online pass system” i suspect most people won’t mind the online passes as that is better then the DRM and would show that they care about their customers. I am hoping that they will sell games cheaper then the physical versions on the store as their way of pleasing the developers/publishers as it could result in more people buying the copy brand new if the PS4 doesn’t take hours to download 200MB on your excellent net connection when it takes minutes on your PC.

  7. Can’t see it happening to be fair to Sony who seem have got their shizz together of late so I don’t anticipate a fall at the final hurdle. Pretty pissed off and bored with all the MS hate at the moment, I’d loathe to see it turn around and direct towards Sony as well!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself…..nice one Freeze ;)

  8. Couldn’t they just find a way to force the major pre-owned resellers into sharing a portion of the profits with the game publisher? Like using a contract or something? You know, law stuff?

  9. Again, this doesn’t really effect me from a pre-owned standpoint – I’ve only bought two games pre owned this gen and that’s cos I couldn’t find them new. I also only have a couple of friends with PS3s and it’s very rare I’ll borrow a game. However with some of my other mates with 360s saying they’ll likely defect to Sony next gen, I’d really like to have the option to borrow more games. Lets hope Sony have taken notice of the terrible PR Microsoft have had so far on this issue.

    My tweets have been sent – cant do a lot more than voice that opinion.

  10. Trading/re-selling used games is more of a necessity in countries where a game costs 1/5th of minimum wage. I wholeheartedly support people right to sell their preowned games, which I did, literally 30 minutes ago, for a very low price too. Why? Because I can get a smaller game off PSN or Steam for the amount I got for my retail game. Because I have no reason to keep a game disc I’m not using anymore. But most importantly, because it’s mine and I can choose to play it, sell it, give it away, trade it, slice pizza with it, use it as a frisbee, put a mug on it… How can anyone deprive me of the right to sell any of my things unless they are illegal? Aren’t digital downloads already providing enough profit?

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