WeView Verdict: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Although slightly later than usual, this week’s round-up looks at your mostly short reviews of Black Ops II. The response wasn’t as massive as I had thought it would be, with BlOps II receiving less responses than last week’s Just Cause 2 and the week before’s Sleeping Dogs.

Although I said the reviews were “mostly short”, there was yiddo, who wrote 800 words on the game – that’s more than there were in the original WeView article! So most of this round-up will revolve around his analysis, with comparisons to other people’s opinions. Sound good?

He started off by labelling the campaign as “okay”, as it didn’t reach the heights of Call of Duty 4’s story, although he said that the villain and his use of social media was great. Decent then, but not quite as good as other games on the market. bigbaldwolf also said that the campaign was “ok”, pointing out that it isn’t really what Call of Duty is about. He did enjoy the branching story lines, however.


Eldave0 seemed to quite enjoy the single player, stating that it was “fun” and the “multiple endings [are] a nice touch”, though both gazzagb and tonycawley disagreed, describing the story as “confusing” and “convoluted” respectively.

Back to yiddo now, who described the zombies mode as “brilliant”, even though he didn’t like the Tranzit mode. He really enjoyed the other survival maps, however, and thought that the DLC really brought something new to the mode as they “outshine the original Black Ops II zombie maps”. bigbaldwolf once again agreed, describing the new maps as “pretty good”.

A lot of people seemed to leave the zombies out of their comments, which is fair as it’s probably considered an even smaller portion of the game than the campaign. The multiplayer is where the real meat of the game is and, unsurprisingly, it’s what your comments focused on.

The multiplayer focus took up over half of yiddo’s gargantuan comment. He started off by describing the contrast to the Battlefield series, with less of a focus on teamwork and a much lighter, fast paced feel. He enjoyed the new score streak and class systems, which offered new ways to play, and loved the DLC maps that “outdo” the original maps.

tonycawley stated that the multiplayer “doesn’t let you down” but thinks the maps are “forgettable”, despite the “addictive” gameplay. Eldave0 backed this up, saying that that the multiplayer will “keep you occupied for months,” and praised the new create-a-class system. gazzagb, however, thought that Treyarch failed with the create-a-class as “they tried doing too much with it”, believing that they shouldn’t have changed it in the first place.

bigbaldwolf summed up the multiplayer nicely, saying that it “runs smoothly, is fast paced and is just a blast to play”, whereas MrJimmy loved the fact that it’s “mad as a box of frogs twitchy frustrating but ultimately amazing gameplay”.

As for weaponry, the shotguns are still overpowered according to yiddo, with some poorly designed, “disgustingly cheap” sight attachments such as the target finder and MMS thrown into the mix too. The hit detection could do with some improving too, though overall he recommends it as “the second best CoD game” after Call of Duty 4.

For the final word we turn to MrJimmy, who made a fine point about why you shouldn’t avoid Call of Duty games because you think they’re just the same game year after year:

Every time a new COD comes out I get on my soap box and shout ‘it’s the same damn game AGAIN’ and refuse to buy it on principle. I think I’m over this now, after picking up BlOps 2 a month ago I feel like I’ve missed out on months of gameplay and should have got it on release.

Indeed, I assume many others feel the same. Now onto the ratings – there are five Buy Its this week and only one Rent It from gazzagb. So, go ahead and buy it then – what are you waiting for?

Since we had a tie break two weeks ago, Metro 2033 is the game you’ll be seeing later today. As for next week, it’s E3 so we may well have something a little different planned.



  1. I think BlOps II is £60 still on PSN, bargain!!!!

  2. It still needs quick scoping removing completely.

    • Yup, 100% agree – but sadly they’ve sold out to the “kids”. CoD4 felt like a balanced, realistic military shooter, but now it feels like a poor sounding, poor looking, OTT arcade FPS (online at least) with terribly dated character models and the focus on stupid logos and camos. Also, why the hell does it say about getting paid at the end of the round, surely war is about winning the fight. Furthermore, since MW3, the only guns worth having are SMGs (or Sniper Rifles), since they are so overpowered and the maps are built with CQ combat in mind….can’t remember the last time someone used an LMG. I only bought Blops2 for the zombies which I love – I’ve not even bothered with the campaign.

      • I used to think that SMG’s were indeed very overpowered, but after dabbling with the AN-94 assault rifle and the HAMR and MK48 LMG’s my opiniong has changed massively. On modes like Domination, LMG’s can be great to keep watch on flags with, as they tear up anyone in their path. That’s if you’re in a decent spot that is, not out in the open like it’s open season. The AN-94 has become my primary weapon, as I think it’s great up close and much better than an LMG at distance – given its weapon type. I get a Lodestar literally every 2 games now I’ve switched to the AN-94 instead of the MSMC.

        The getting paid bit is because one of the multiplayer factions are mercenaries. Also, I completely agree about quickscoping. Can’t stand it. They should just add a playlist for quickscopers only if it’s such a big thing now, where they can all do their own thing.

      • Cheers for the advice – if I ever go back to MP I shall try those weapons!
        Fair enough on the mercenaries part, never noticed that ;)

  3. I agree with yiddo here. I think its the best after COD4 personally. Although so very frustrating at times still. COD4 will never be beaten in terms of fun.

    • COD4 will always be one of my favourite games of all time. Resistance: Fall of Man was my first ever online multiplayer experience, which was great and that will also be one of my favourite multiplayers of all time, but then COD4 came along. The maps were all diverse and well set out and designed, something which is questionable on recent COD games where there seem to be spawn areas that are blatent etc. The hit detection was best on COD4 – which is kind of funny considering how old it is now – and it took just the right amount of bullets to kill people. In recent CODs, they take way too much. Awesome game, and it’s a god damn shame the PS3 servers got hacked to bits.

      I just hope a shooter comes along next gen and captures that same feeling I had with COD4 when I used to load up the multiplayer menu and the music kicked in.

      • It’s still there, I regularly play it and have a lot of fun with plenty of non hackers. I’d recommend checking back!

      • Cheers for that. Last time I went on (months ago) every game was hacked, literally every one, but if the hacking has died down I’m definitely coming back :D

  4. I think it’s the people that play CoD online that annoys me the most – there are far too many people worried about their bragging rights (K:D ratio), or their killstreak, or 360 degree lucky auto-aiming headshot for YouTube, or giving verbal abuse on their mics. Its incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to capture a position and members of your team go right past you, without helping, then you die because they didn’t help capture the position faster. Worse still when you’ve died a fair few times to win your side the game, and they get the win without contributing. I think CoD4 was such a success as it was slightly less known, and people seemed to play to win.

    • I don’t think they’ll ever beat COD4. Within the COD franchise that is. Such a near perfect game. The majority of the community on COD is very immature though, and it’s a shame that it’s overpopulated by children who mainly PS quit all the time to maintain a KD that barely floats above 1, and who also quickscope and other acts of scummery.

      It’s much better when you have a group of regulars to play with, it really does increase the quality of the experience.

  5. Take it to Mordor & place it in the fires of Mount Doom, from whence it came. It’s the only way to destroy it. (hoping the next cod plays, sounds & looks more like cod4, cod at it’s best.)

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