Live Action Trailer Asks “Could You Be The Last Of Us?”

Naughty Dog and Sony have launched a live action trailer for upcoming survival action blockbuster, The Last Of Us.

In truth, this latest promotion for the big budget title doesn’t give much away. We’re presented with an average Joe who, in between gameplay transitions, becomes more rugged and worn down, eventually transforming into the game’s lead protagonist.


It’s not up there with those unforgettable Kevin Butler ads, but its fit for purpose and, if you want over-analyse, offers a more poignant approach to game advertising.

The Last Of Us launches next Friday exclusively on PlayStation 3. Be sure to stick around for today’s feature-length review.



  1. Too harsh, Jim. :-) That was wonderful and a lovely change to the usual dross we’re used to.

  2. Oooh, thats a bit special isnt it! Loving the confidence of that spot. Can’t wait.

  3. another vote from me – an excellent trailer – cant wait to read this review – it’s gone 3pm!!

    • my bad – it didnt show in my feedly for some reason.. 10/10 have it!

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