Saints Row IV Collector’s Edition Comes With 12″ Replica Dubstep Gun

Chances are you’ve already seen the video of Saints Row IV’s dubstep gun in full flow, and now you can get your hands on a replica of the impressive weapon simply by spending lots of money on the game’s collector’s edition.


Shown above, in what the publisher is calling the “Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition”, the gun is a foot-long plastic version of the in-game tool. “The ultra-high quality weapon replica packs a party with a bitchin’ design, sweet tunes directly from the in-game Dubstep Gun and a laser sight,” says the press release.

The special edition will cost a penny under £90 – it also comes with a Johnny Gat statue and a dubstep doomsday button. Yep.

The game’s out towards the end of August.



  1. Ha! That’s actually pretty funny. I like it. :-)

  2. Hmm, I was wrong. Apparently there is such a thing as “too silly”

  3. Love it. Might be the first collectors edition I buy.

  4. I wasn’t thinking of the dubstep weapon, when I read 12″ …a shame really, this could have been the one reason for my spouse to start playing a video game.

  5. if it was functional, i’d totally buy it. ^_^

  6. I am DEFINITELY preordering that! =D

  7. That’s pretty cool,I do enjoy collectors editions :)

  8. Awesome! Although I’d rather have a 36” replica of the last games big, purple, floppy trophy weapon. Who wouldn’t?

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