Disney’s Lone Ranger Gets The Infinity Treatment

Disney has just announced its fifth playset for upcoming sandbox title, Disney Infinity. This latest addition is based on Gore Verbinski’s western comedy, The Lone Ranger, which is due to hit cinemas next month.



Featuring at least two figures, the playset dishes up “6-10 hours” of content for casual players. As with other playsets, The Lone Ranger pack will introduce a host of new characters and elements that can be manipulated in Infinity’s Toy Box mode. The inclusion of horses and customisable trains is said to be the main focus of the playset’s in-game content.

At first, The Lone Ranger may seem like an odd fit for Disney Infinity. When it was announced, many were under the impression that Disney would be eager to cram its virtual spaces with the most iconic characters and locales.

However, when you consider that Infinity is effectively a replacement for all those half-baked movie tie-ins, everything begins to slot together nicely. It’s a bold move from Disney and, if done right, could give the company a firm footing in the video game market following these past few years of instability.

Infinity is set to launch in mid-August.



  1. This looks brilliant my kids will definatly want this. Loving all the different packs and figures tht will be avaliable. Make a change from Skylanders.

  2. That looks tremendous fun although did I see the horse do a double jump? It’s a horse for god’s sake! It can jump an enormous height and/or distance anyway. *rolls eyes*

    Still… lovely, lighthearted entertainment.

  3. The customization stuff looks interesting especially the toybox, I’m not a fan of having to collect figures though.

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