Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Pushed To 2014 With New Trailer

Square Enix has just published this new trailer for their forthcoming Final Fantasy game. It’s all suitably laced with combat, pretty vistas, costumes and floppy feathered haircuts.


I’ve already seen some photos from around the Los Angeles Convention Centre and Square Enix has plastered as many of the ad poster spaces as possible with this game so expect to see plenty of it from E3 next week.

Lightning Returns will be out on February 14th 2014 in the UK and Europe with a US release a few days earlier on the 11th.



  1. Looks promising.

  2. I’ve given up on Final Fantasy since 13 as Square seems to believe that most of the fanbase wants another FF game set in the 13 universe. If Lighting is by herself for the entire game, the leveling system had better be good and not linear. Also, move on from 13 Square.

  3. Trying to save face when FFX HD comes out and destroys it sales wise. Boom!

  4. Just when I thought Square Enix can’t possibly fuck up their business any further…
    By the time this comes out, I’ll hopefully be already enjoying games on the PS4.

    • Also the sand textures suck. Uncharted 3 and Journey really ruined that for me. :P

  5. can’t say i’m all that surprised it’s slipped.
    i’ll probably get it when the price drops a bit, like it i did with FFXIII 2
    that cost me 18 quid new.

    i really need to finish that one day.
    god, i could say that about half my games. :(

  6. How about finishing Final Fantasy versus first?

  7. I’ve never even played one, not big on RPG’s. In fact, how the hell can there be a 13th ‘Final’ Fantasy anyway?!

    • And that is just counting mainline FF games without spin offs and direct sequels! :P
      I think they started on the NES.

  8. Who the hell thought that it would be a great idea to have another game set in the 13 universe. The 13 universe is so god damn terrible.
    “I know what would be a good idea, lets bring back Lighting” NO, f**k you. No one i know likes Lighting, she’s just a generally awful character.

    All credit to them 13-2 was a bit better, it just wasn’t up to the quality that i expect from a ff game. I can’t imagine this game being any better.

    • Lightning’s my favourite!

  9. That trailer is bloody terrible, it comes across like a very bad soap opera!

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