This Year’s Main European PlayStation Plus Titles Revealed

It was a year ago when Sony announced that PlayStation Plus would have something called the Instant Game Collection. That service would see a monthly rotation of PlayStation 3 games (later expanded to include PlayStation Vita games too) and – in addition – a trio of games that would remain the same throughout the year.


For the last twelve months, in among all the monthly titles that came and went (and there has been some real crackers), Sony offered European PlayStation Plus subscribers the brilliant LittleBigPlanet 2, the expansive inFamous 2 and near-future racer MotorStorm Apocalypse. Soon, those titles will be replaced with another set of games that’ll stay for a year.

So, what are we getting in their place? Well, how about the rather splendid Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3 (well, the single player at least)? And how about some LittlebigPlanet Karting, from the guys that made ModNation Racers featuring everyone’s favourite burlap mascot. And finally, you’ll be able to grab XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a neat third party offering.

Remember to grab LBP2, inFamous 2 and MotorStorm before the 12th of June, as that’s when the games will swap over.



  1. I thought we’d get LBP Karting and wondered if some Uncharted would be in there, but thought it would be one of the first two. Surprised at XCOM, hope it’s compatible with my save from the disk version so I can trade it in.

  2. XCOM.

    Awwwwww yiss.

    • This. I have it on steam but I’ve been eyeing up the PS3 version for ages, just couldn’t justify spending more on that now then I did on steam a few weeks after release. So this solves everything!

      Cheers Sony, plus subscribers +1

  3. Unfortunately I have 2 of those but then I had all 3 last year. I’ll be giving XCOM a try when the 12th comes around.

  4. well i’ve already got UC3 on disc, which will save me quite a bit of hd space.
    i’m not the biggest karting fan, but hey, it’s a decent game.

    XCom though, i’ve been wanting to play that, so that’s cool.

  5. Freaking fantastic, I’ve been anticipating this post for a few weeks now and I’ve not been disappointed. Looking forward to XCOM the most, but LBP Karting will be excellent especially for co-op with my mates.
    I had a hope that maybe we would see Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, but alas its not to be. I have equally fantastic games to keep me ticking over ;-)

  6. Not really interested in either U3 or XCOM and LBPK was a major disappointment, MNR was much better.

  7. XCOMMMMM. Best game of past 5 years simple.

    I liked it so much I even platted it – the pain of Impossible still haunts me :D

    • You should look at the fastest platinum board, I don’t think it’s been claimed?!

  8. Nice one for those who ain’t played these, played xcom the demo, I wouldn’t pick this for free, boring.

    I bet for the vita it’s unit 13! I want burning skies so I can get my plat, dam u online pass ruining things

    • Supposedly, Unit 13 is coming as part of July’s games.

    • Give xcom another go. I absolutely love it!

      • I will give it a go but didn’t like the turn base play

  9. Very tasty. I’ll look forward to LBPK and XCOM.

    I think it’s also time to renew my sub, while they keep churning out great titles!

  10. I received a 1 month free trial, but not particularly interested in any of these. Might be interested in giving XCOM a go, but I still haven’t finished UC2 so probably won’t bother with UC3, and I didn’t really like the handling in LBPK either.

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