Final Fantasy For PlayStation 4 Listed By Amazon

Earlier this year Square Enix confirmed they were working on a Final Fantasy game for the PlayStation 4, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that Amazon have listed the game over on their French website.


Also earlier in the year, Shinji Hashimoto, of Square Enix, said “we are preparing for development of a Final Fantasy title…please be excited for E3 this year.”

No doubt the new Final Fantasy title will be revealed at E3.

Source: AllGamesBeta



  1. So are we finally gonna get news on Versus?

  2. Saw an image a couple days ago

    If it’s legit then it confirms 2 final fantasy games and a kingdom hearts game. And the rumours are that kingdom hearts will be a sony exclusive

    • Thought this was debunked over on GAF?

      Also, notice how the Final Fantasy XV logo is that of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I heard that maybe they were turning that into FFXV, but apparently it’s fake according to most of GAF – who are normally correct on these things.

      Still though, I hope they return to form with their FF games. Please Square Enix, recapture some of that old magic. Please.

      • I haven’t seen that article, sorry!

        Fake or not, it’s getting a lot of people very excited for a new kingdom hearts game :p

    • The KH3 logo is a known fan art piece. Definitely fake.

  3. I lost interest in FF after X-2 on PS2, but could be tempted by a new game on PS4.

    • Same here.

    • Snap, everything FF related for the past decade hasn’t been great :(

      • Final Fantasy XII? :( *Granted Vaan was an arse*

      • Really didn’t enjoy it, was put off by the rotating views and the story never bit me at all.

  4. I can only expect that next-gen hardware combined with the imaginitive FF artists will lead to some stunning scenes and i might just buy it for that.

  5. I’m very excited about the imminent FF announcement. Hopefully they don’t let me down…

  6. I can see that guy on the PS Stage –
    “please be excited, be very excited PS Fans, please be excited like never before PS Fans, please be excited because the New FF game will come to the PS4, please be excited…oh & the Xbox ONE to, please be…PS Fans come back please to your seats please, why are you leaving the show, please be excited…” LoL:D

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