Resume Leaks LittleBigPlanet 3

While Media Molecule are busy developing Tearaway for the Vita, Sumo Digital appear to be working on the next main instalment in the LittleBigPlanet series, as previously rumoured months ago. You’ll know them for their work on the excellent Sonic & All-Stars Racing series and the Cross Controller pack for LittleBigPlanet 2.

This information comes from an online resume – check the source below for details.


Whether it’s for PS3, PS4 or even Vita we don’t know – we could find out more during Sony’s upcoming E3 press conference but for now this is still a rumour, albeit one that appears to be true. Could it surpass LittleBigPlanet 2, though? It seems they’ve done everything they could with that series in its current form, might it make the jump from 2.5D to fully 3D?

We can’t say anything for sure, but we’ll be very excited if this takes the LittleBigPlanet series a step further.

Source: GimmeGimmeGames



  1. Interesting! Whilst I loved the PS3 Little Big Planet games I just couldn’t get on with the Vita version, just felt like i had seen and done it all before. They’ll surely come up with something new and random though.

    • I totally agree in regards to LBP Vita. I hope the next instalment will have some fresh ideas :)

  2. With the power of PS4 and the creativity of LBP it can be fully unshackled :)

  3. I hope all the secrets don’t leak early tomorrow

  4. Oh dear there goes my E3 bingo. Oops at least it lasted more than 10 mins, well just about. As I did it late, or was MM release info hmmm

  5. Ooh interesting, I could see them jumping on the opportunity for a fully 3D game with ‘3’ and ‘D’ in the title. I think we’ve all seen enough of 2D LBP too, we might be ready for a proper 3D world. Although, I’d want more Stephen Fry.

  6. I would rather the mad minds of MM do the game :( But if they are not making it i still want a LBP3 :P

  7. Can LBP become Sony’s Mario? Somehow I don’t think so…

  8. Surely it’s PS4, but wasn’t there a rumour or slip of the tongue about a new Vita title? I’m surprised someone other than MM get to handle a numbered release, but if they can get Tarsier to help, it should be fine.

  9. Hearing good things. :)

  10. As much as i loved the previous LBP they became boring fast (well for me anyway) so if it does not offer anything new in terms of gameplay and creating then i’m out before it begun

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