Watch Dogs E3 Trailer Leaks

The best surprise of last years E3 came at the end of Ubisoft’s conference, when they announced Watch Dogs. This year, we can hope to see more gameplay (and maybe even some of that interesting multiplayer they’ve been hinting at) but a CGI trailer has leaked via AllGamesBeta, over a day before the conference.

There are (I think) Russian subtitles at the bottom, which are easily ignored and don’t really impact the trailer. Nevertheless, the trailer is fantastic; the YouTube version is embedded below.


This is definitely one to watch out for – it’s releasing on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC on November 22nd.



  1. Still fewer dogs than COD, not less.

  2. I’ve got the PS3 version of this pre-ordered but I would be more than happy to switch it to a PS4 version pre-order.

  3. Yep. A dead cert this one.

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