EA Detail NBA Live 14, Madden 25 and FIFA 14 on X1 and PS4

EA went into a little more depth on their new sports games and the Ignite engine for next generation consoles, starting with some rather impressive graphics on show for NBA Live 14, atop some… poetry? I think it was poetry.

Apparently dribbling is important, says Kyrie Irving, the guest basketball star on stage, and this is coming in with bounceTek. This brings realistic ball control to the game, by treating the ball as a truly separate entity. Additionally, player stats will be pushed over the internet on an hourly basis, allowing for people to play with the most up to date data possible.

Madden 25 then came up, showing off the new True Step animation system, making each step every player takes plant more accurately. Alongside this, Player Sense is introduced as a new AI system, letting players spot gaps and exploit them on the attack, or close them down as a real team in defence.

FIFA will be getting the same treatment, with improved AI and animation coming to the next generation to a somewhat greater extent and higher fidelity than what has been shown for current machines. Pro Instincts has AI spotting the exact moves at the right moments, whilst Precision Movement is held in common with the current gen. There will also be fully 3D crowds, with emotions finally shown by player’s faces.

Really this is all tying into EA’s aim with the Ignite engine. Higher resolution and quality graphics across the board, bringing to life the improved AI, physics and animation systems which really make use of the horsepower that can be found in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.