Full Watch Dogs E3 Trailer Released

Although the Watch Dogs E3 trailer leaked last night, it seemed to cut off very abruptly at the end. At only two minutes in length, we wanted more. You’ll be glad to know that Ubisoft have uploaded a full, official version to YouTube.

It’s about a minute longer, with a very cool ending, showing how the in-game hacking technology can not only be used to your advantage while fighting, but to exploit criminals.

The trailer is embedded below, or available on YouTube here. The game is out on current and next gen consoles (and PC!) on November 22nd.



  1. I’ll wait to watch it at the conference today and then I’ll watch it again on here later as no doubt it will be better quality than the version on the Ubi stream.

  2. The game of E3 2012 could be the game of E3 2013 too

  3. this does look great I have to say I’m very excited

  4. *Head explodes at the sheer awesomeness of it all*

  5. Looking forward to this

  6. CG? Uhhhhh. As long as this isn’t another one of ‘those’ CG trailers, and we can do the majority of everything that is shown in the trailer.

  7. Excellent trailer and a good hope that the actual game is not too far from what shown (looking at you dead island). This will be top of my list this Christmas. Question is just whether I need to double up my GTX 580’s.

  8. Looks great. Out around my birthday too. I j just hope Ps4 will be out by then. I will make it a day 1 purchase if so.

  9. Every time i see this it makes me think of Person of Interest. Which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

  10. Pre-ordered with my PS4 and I just can’t wait.

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