Microsoft Announces New Xbox Live Features

Xbox Live General Manager, Mark Whitten, has outlined a suite of online features players can expect later this year on Xbox One.

The first is something which was touched upon at last year’s expo: SmartGlass. Built natively into each Xbox One console, the wireless service transmits live data and other useful information directly to your tablet or mobile device. Information such as achievements, friend stats and leaderboards are constantly refreshed. Microsoft showed a brief demo with Ryse.


Next, we caught a glimpse of some one-on-one action in Rare’s Killer Instinct. After getting hammered by one of the game’s producers Xbox One demonstrators used the all-new “Upload Studio” feature to post the footage on Xbox Live. This footage had been automatically stored using the Xbox One’s “Game DVR” system.

If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft also announced a partnership with streaming service, Twitch.TV. Simply saying “Xbox- broadcast” will start a live stream that can be viewed by fellow gamers around the globe.

Whitten also confirmed the retirement of Microsoft Points. Gold users will no longer have to do a double-take every time they purchase digital content; local currencies will be used instead.

Finally, Xbox Live Gold will be shareable between multiple users in one household, “even multiplayer”.



  1. Upload Studio eh, I wonder where they got that idea?

    • Some announcement in February maybe?

    • now call me paranoid, but did that KI video look to anybody else a bit too heavily edited for the few seconds he worked on it?

  2. Give it a few months and Twitch TV and Ustream will be used on both platforms. The more options the better.

  3. Good news about multiple user Gold accounts and the end of MS points will make it much easier to explain to my son that Xbox games cost real money.

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