PopCap Announce Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2

After an excellent little bait and switch, Popcap announced Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. A game coming first to Xbox One, then Xbox 360, with no mention of PlayStation, despite what Peter Moore said just moments earlier.

It’s a third person shooter this time, but holds onto a little of the tower defence from PvZ, letting you place towers to help you out, as you run around in various forms of plant, with lots of different abilities. The Peashooter, Cactus and so on make appearances, as a co-operative team of plants goes up against many different zombie classes, getting bigger as gameplay went on.


There’s a particularly playful style to the game, which is quite the departure for PopCap, coming along rendered quite nicely by Frostbite engine.

Oh, and Peggle 2 is coming this year too, but we didn’t see any of that. The presenter then quickly ran off the stage.




  1. PEGGLE 2!!!!!!!

  2. Is this PvZ game PvZ 2?

    My gf has completed PvZ like 10 times and would like a really simple upgrade in PvZ2. She wants to be able to play it on her laptop and just have some new plants, new zombies and some new mini games. I really hope this isn’t the PvZ2 they have been teasing because she won’t play this game.

    • Don’t worry, PvZ 2 is in the same style as the original everyone loves and it’s out soon. This is just a little side project.

      • thank you! this is what I wanted to hear.

        Big side project… It’s third person and everything!

      • Haha, fair enough, it’s a little bigger than the main title, that’s for sure. Look fun though, it’s a shame it doesn’t seem to be coming to PlayStation though, at least not yet.

    • No, this isn’t PvZ2, it’s pretty similar to the first one from what I’ve seen. But it’s only on iOS at first and F2P. The stuff you can buy from Crazy Dave in the first game will probably be available as microtransactions then.

  3. Aww, I hope this is just a timed exclusive for XBox. Could be really fun, like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with PvZ characters. Oh well, still not buying a XB1 ;)

  4. It looks brilliant, bring it to Playstation.

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