Titanfall Confirmed for Xbox


After all the rumours and leaks, EA and Respawn have confirmed that Titanfall will be ‘exclusive to Xbox’, wrapping up Microsoft’s E3 2013 briefing.


There’s not too many details just yet, but the game will be heavily multiplayer-focused, and be reliant on Microsoft’s cloud technology for the Xbox One – it’s unclear how things will be working on the 360 (and PC, if the GameInformer leak is indeed accurate).

Titanfall is due in Spring 2014.



  1. It looks good, but I won’t be getting an Xbox One. Nor do I intend to get a decent gaming PC. I’ll wait to see if it maybe comes to PS4 down the line – a la Mass Effect.

  2. Still not sold on this need to see more gameplay before i make my judgement,Didn’t think the graphics were all that though

  3. I thought it looked great, so glad it’s also on PC!

  4. Unsure about this one, really need to see more. Compared to everything else shown it seemed a bit sub par, but maybe that’s just me.

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