Killer Instinct Is A Free To Play Title

Yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 Conference Killer Instinct made a surprise appearance on stage, showcasing the rebooted fighter which seemed to have pleased fans.

However it has since been revealed that Rare is not developing the game, instead those duties fall to Double Helix who developed Silent Hill: Homecoming and more recently the Battleship game.

Okay, new developers appear all the time on established franchises. However according to a report on IGN it also turns out that Killer Instinct on Xbox One will be a Free To Play title. The most ludicrous thing is that only one fighter, Jago, will be available for free. You have to pay for the others.

I understand FTP have micro transactions to support them but only one free fighter? What’s the point?

Source: IGN



  1. I don’t like this trend for fighting games as I like to play as every character. Hopefully it wouldn’t cost too much for everyone.

  2. PS3 will have an exclusive FTP fighter tomorrow – Tekken Revolution with I think around 6 fighters included for free at launch. This is a good number for people to play around with and buy a couple more if they like. Consumers also have the option of buying a full Tekken game (TTT2) for fairly cheap now also if they find they really like the Tekken style of fighter.

    Then we have X1 exclusive KI, with only 1 fighter included to play free at launch! Wow, hope people like playing Jago mirror matches online as that will be the majority of people who are trying it. Also no other option to buy the full game, you will have to shell out for every fighter they bring out.

    Interesting to note that Namco approached Microsoft to bring Tekken Revolution to them (Xbox360, X1), but they refused.

    Can Microsoft get anything right at the moment??

  3. Killer Instinct looked like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, is it a bad thing? To me the bad thing is the microtransactions, only one character?! Feels more like a demo to me than a “F2P Full game”.

  4. The fact it is free to play doesn’t concern me so much. Free to play is just a business model. The fact it is being made by the people who did the recent battleship game is truly terrifying!

  5. if you like to only play one character, it could be much cheaper than if they’d just sold the game.
    however if you like to play several it could end up costing more.

    however the developer they’ve chosen doesn’t seem to have a good track record.
    but who knows, maybe a project like this is more suited to their skills.

  6. FUCK OFF!!!!! I’ve been dreaming of this for years and now it’s reality it’s going to be an xbox1 exclusive!!! Now I might have to buy this piece of shit console (not before my PS4 though)!

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