Sony’s Gaikai Based Streaming Coming 2014

Sony has confirmed in its E3 press conference that it’s cloud streaming service, based on the technology of recent purchase Gaikai, will be available starting in the US in 2014.

It will launch on PS3 and PS4 first, before expanding to Vita and other territories. Here’s where it gets a little confusing – whilst the spiel beforehand emphasised backwards compatability, the only announcement was that select PS3 titles would be streamable on the service to begin with.


There’s also no confirmation on whether the cloud service will run from the same purchase list as the regular PlayStation Store (including your Plus items) or not.

Still plenty of questions, but an interesting start for the long-in-development service.



  1. Would like to know if my ps3 disks unlock gaikai versions for free if I have ps+

  2. So far loving all the other PS4 News :-P (Er £349 only UK price?!?!WOW!!!) :-P But hmm this is not want i wanted SONY :-/ Wanted this all ready from day 1??? Oh well.

    • Patience my friend, Sony normally deliver and have spent too much money to throw it away.

  3. I wish there was more clarity on this. I’d like to know if previous Plus games get transferred to the PS4 if you already own them, but I guess not. Better play them all before the launch. Right…

  4. I think that makes sense, because it’s extremely likely that most ps2/ps1 games that had licensed music tracks or other brand licenses have expired, so they would need to be renewed. They might do it on a case by case basis or just offer first party ps1/2 games

  5. Damn.

    What a shame that even the news isn’t ready to be revealed, never mind the service.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait to hear more.

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