Sony Detail Gaikai Streaming Plans At CES – PlayStation Now

Andrew House took the stage at Sony’s CES keynote to explain how they’re integrating Gaikai’s advanced cloud streaming features for their games, creating a new service named PlayStation Now.



This will allow players to play previous generation PlayStation games from the PS3 era across not only their consoles – both home and handheld, including PS Vita – but on mobile phones, tablets and even Sony Bravia TVs.

You can either choose to rent these titles on a one-off payment basis, or there’s a subscription model which will include multiple bonuses. Prices haven’t been detailed yet, but games touted include Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, which was TSA’s game of the year 2013.

There will be closed beta in the US at the end of January, and a full roll-out of PlayStation Now is planned for the summer. We can assume that’s only in the US, and there’s no word on European territories just yet.

They also detailed a new cloud-based TV service, which is for the US and they’ll share more details of that later this year as they begin testing, but it will allow you to push TV content to other devices around your home.

Anyway, that’s The Last of Us – with low to no latency – on your TV, without a console required. Now that’s impressive.



  1. PS Now is just PS3 games guys.

    • Surely that’s just the first step.

  2. More information needed. Is that all they’re going to use gaikai for? Is there any way I can play games from my back catalogue without paying?
    I like the sound of it as there are still pz3 games I never got round to playing but I wouldn’t want to pay much for this service on top of ps+.

    • If the price is close to something like Netflix charge each month, I think that would be a sweet price point

      • I dont know because PS+ is already £5.99 a month if you pay monthly. I wouldnt want my anual PS subscriptions to double just so I can play ps3 games.

      • If it was similarly priced to net flix and as easy to stop and restart, I’d defo be up for that.

  3. I want to know more about the technical side of it. OnLive never really took off, I reckon mainly due to people’s internet connections, so I reckon they’ll have to tell people roughly what speeds they’ll need to be able to play with no problems.

    • I would like to find out more about the tech side too.
      We (UK) will need a more robust and faster network, something like South Korea, to get the best out of Gaikai.

    • Didn’t Sony also mention that they are trying to get fast internet speeds to consumers through ISP cooperations? They haven’t talked about this since one of the PS4 events (or was it E3?).

      My internet connection is way too slow and unstable for a streaming service but we’re planning on moving this year so hopefully I’ll be ready for this once it comes to Europe.

  4. Sounds impressive! Now come on BT you useless tossers – sort out the broadband infrastructure!!

  5. “on your TV, without a console required”. So how do you connect your controller? :)

    • I presume Smart TV’s will be able to download an app which lets them connect to the controller- if it has a bluetooth chip, that is.

      Or maybe people could use their phones to control the games?

      • Yep, Sony will have the functionality built in to their Bravia TVs. Somehow.

  6. Maybe they’ll do a PS++ membership for £60 a year. PS even more Plus(er). I’d buy it.

  7. imagine releasing PSNow on Xbox formats it would be like sky now

  8. I see several possibilities in pricing:
    1) included with plus – this would win sony the lions share of the market as no xbox fanboy could deny the value for money this offers. It would also bring people who use non console machines an option to et a console for plus content without the extra charge. Still unlikely though
    2) £40 a year like plus. This isn’t bad value if it included all games back catalogue, but probably too much for me.
    3) > £40 a year. Not attractive.

    Sony – over to you :-)

  9. That’s actually sooner than i expected although i probably won’t be that interested in paying for this. If there’s a EU beta i’ll give it a go though just to see how it all works.

  10. Play PlayStation on ALL OF THE THINGS.

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