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Sony Detail Gaikai Streaming Plans At CES – PlayStation Now

Andrew House took the stage at Sony’s CES keynote to explain how they’re integrating Gaikai’s advanced cloud streaming features for their games, creating a new service named PlayStation Now.


This will allow players to play previous generation PlayStation games from the PS3 era across not only their consoles – both home and handheld, including PS Vita – but on mobile phones, tablets and even Sony Bravia TVs.

You can either choose to rent these titles on a one-off payment basis, or there’s a subscription model which will include multiple bonuses. Prices haven’t been detailed yet, but games touted include Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, which was TSA’s game of the year 2013.

There will be closed beta in the US at the end of January, and a full roll-out of PlayStation Now is planned for the summer. We can assume that’s only in the US, and there’s no word on European territories just yet.

They also detailed a new cloud-based TV service, which is for the US and they’ll share more details of that later this year as they begin testing, but it will allow you to push TV content to other devices around your home.

Anyway, that’s The Last of Us – with low to no latency – on your TV, without a console required. Now that’s impressive.


  1. Not even a vague date for Europe though? Sounds a long way off.

  2. GTA V on a vita, wow

    Here comes the disappointment for games that don’t work on the service…

  3. /long time lurker, finally decided to register!

    Seems ‘OK’ as a service, it’ll never be included in the PS+ price though, that would be amazing for consumers, mental from a business point of view.
    £9.99 a month minimum I’d imagine, a couple of quid per rental.

    Worth going for or just buy a cheap PS3 and the games from the bargain bin instead? Probably :)

    • Welcome :)

    • Hi, Rob. Welcome aboard.

      Agreed. I wonder if they’ll give us a taste of things on PS+ then keep things relatively cheap for subscribers. It should be the sheer numbers that help this venture turn a profit so hopefully a low amount per year/month for us folk. :-)

  4. I’m all over this. I love the idea of the mammoth Playstation collection I owned being available across all my devices. Great idea. Hope it ends up being everything as well as PS3 games :-)

  5. Probably three subscription options;

    1. Plus with Playstation Now for a discounted bundle price.
    2. Plus on it’s own as we have already.
    3. Playstation Now with it’s own standalone subscription similar to the Plus sub.

    I personally don’t mind the good people in the U.S. guinea pigging this for the rest of us before it’s rolled out all over. The biggest draw back I think will be less what Sony’s offering but more the lack of more consistent broadband infrastructure in many regions. If I’m not mistaken wasn’t that the line Sony used when explaining why it was only rolling out in the U.S. for now? I still have my PS3 connected to my TV so I’m not too bothered but if it works I can see it being a nice selling point.

  6. Since you’ll still need a Dualshock 3, you probably already have a PS3… So why bother with the compressed streamed games when you can play them properly on your system? The main attraction here is for travel or when you don’t have access to the PS3.

    I can’t say I’m entirely sold on this. And as a bit of a purist when it comes to image quality, I feel like it’ll annoy me with compression artifacts.

  7. Sounds like another way to make people pay again for games they already own. My PS3 isn’t going anywhere, and with the lack of any exciting PS4 games (bar a couple) in the next 6 months, I’m happy to keep working through the backlog in the usual way. Looking forward to grabbing some PS3 eBay bargains too, now it’s all about PS4 hype.

  8. So they just don’t give a smallest thing about my boxed games, which I already bought? This is not what I have expected from Gaikai aka PlayStation Now. Very disappointed.

    • Not sure the service is aimed at you, in that sense. It’s for the people who don’t have those games or even that hardware.

  9. No wonder a constant 1/3 of my ~30 online friends are always playing this game.

    Personally, I was never interested in the AC series until this one. The pirate theme is such a good idea, very well executed too. What sets this game apart for me, however is how casual and fun it can be when you want it to be. It’s just about having an open world where you can do anything you’ve unlocked in the missions, but the missions themselves are quite fun and not really frustrating (well, so far).

    Sense of exploration is wonderful, I love to set out to an undiscovered location, sometimes with a treasure map in my hand (well I could have it in my hand using the app), other times just to explore and find all the items the location offers. Such a captivating gameplay – often times I found myself playing the game for hours more than I intended to (Wasn’t there a poll about it somewhere, the most played game at one sitting on the ps4?).

    Although I had some initial problems with the Uplay passcode with my disc being US and my PS4 being EU, which Ubisoft should really look into, I managed to work around it and access Kenway’s Fleet. Besides boosting my income big time, what a fun little addition it has been to keep me tied to the game in real life. Acinitiates is another source for the game which you should check out for missions and stuff if you haven’t. As if there wasn’t enough content in the game…

    Wonderful game with a great amount of content, I really like what Ubisoft has been doing for the last year or so. I hope they keep up this vision.

  10. Oops, wrong page. Sorry I can’t delete it folks!

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