Going Hands On With The PS4’s DualShock 4

Sony’s brand new console also comes with a brand new controller – the DualShock 4 – and we’ve been testing it out across a variety of games over the last couple of days. Here’s a short video review of the DS4, going into detail about the new triggers, the improved analog sticks and the other features that really make the device stand out.



  1. Looks wonderful, I can’t wait to get my hands on one, (please excuse the pun)

  2. Well done guys good video though I would’ve been interested to know more about that share button!

    • I’m very glad of this video because the controller looks pretty nice in it. When I first saw the announcement photos it looked ugly as anything. I guess not everyone can photograph well though, eh?

  3. Nice legs ;-)

  4. Good work Peter, you lucky barsteward. It does look good, I hope I get on with those analogue sticks.

    It’s a shame that DS3 won’t be compatible with the PS4, in my opinion.

    • Yeah I agree about the DS3s

    • This is the only real thing stopping me being a day one PS4 purchaser. I just can’t abide the floaty looseness of the DS’s analogue sticks. Have they been tightened up for the DS4?

  5. roll on release day looks great.

    • Here here!

    • Has Sony mentioned a release date besides the holiday 2013 announcement?

      • 25th October……….that’s when we will get our hands on one.
        At least that’s my educated guess when I think it will be.

  6. I hope theres an option to turn of the light on it. would drive me mad at night

    • Can’t see the light been much of a pain, unless you can play a game while staring at the controller! : P

      • It could come in handy for finding things you’ve dropped in the dark,or finding the keyhole after a night down town if you happen to have taken your DS4 along with you ;D

  7. Sick :-))

  8. Who’s the burd with the hairy legs? :D

  9. Swiping through menus, eh? That’s as gimmicky as it gets when you have the sticks and the DPad at your fingertips anyways…
    I actually didn’t know that the touchscreen clicks in. I’ve read about something like that but I guess it didn’t… click…
    How’s the mono speaker on the controller? It was probably too loud inside the venue to even hear it if it’s implemented at all.

    • Yeah, swiping through menus sound really gimmicky, I hope they’ll find a better use for it.

  10. Nice legs! It’s weird that the d-pad and face buttons are still soft like the old Dual Shocks, rather than clicky, seeing as they’re not analog anymore. Still, good to hear you guys are pleased with our new dualshock in a wetsuit!

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