Michael Bay Is Developing The Ghost Recon Film

"And all women in my films must have tits *this* big"

Empire reports that ‘splosions supremo, Michael Bay, is to develop Ghost Recon in to a feature film.


With many of his movies resembling video games, he does – and I’m saying this through gritted teeth – seem an excellent choice, you have to admit no one does military chaos better than Bay.

Jean Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, said they chose him “because he is a master at action movies.”

The film will be produced via Mikey’s Platinum Dunes production company but he has not signed on to direct – yet. Variety reports he is keen to do so which means just one thing:


Michael Bay is the latest in big name signings to the Ubisoft movie stable joining Michael Fassbender (Assassin’s Creed) and Tom Hardy (Splinter Cell).

Source: Empire



  1. Is fruitcaking the camera really making Bay good at action films… No it bloody well isn’t. Avoiding this film totally.

  2. Yo Dawg, I hear you like explosions. So we’ve put explosions in explosions and Michael Bay is at the center of it all.

  3. ‘A master at action films’, imo he is the worst director out there for making action films. Just because he fills your screen with explosions galore does not warrant a great action flick, watch the transformer movies and you would surely agree.

    You need a director who can weave a fantastic story around those action set pieces, Paul Greengrass, one of many, would be a great choice. I wil be avoiding this like the plague.

    • All he’s good for is YouTube videos. On the big screen, he’s an absolute shocker.

  4. “A 18 wheeler spins out of control, and it’s all like brahhhhshhhhh and a huge tanker falls down and it’s like grahhhh brahhhhhhhhh”

    “Those aren’t ideas they’re special effects”

    “I don’t understand the difference”.

    Sums him up.

    • When I look at the picture up top then read your comment I laugh :)

  5. I just don’t know about a GR film. Its not like GR has a plot that’s never been duplicated in film before, its not like Super Mario Bros- where the premise is just absurd and theres literally no other movies like it. Its a bunch of military dudes “saving” the world, theres like 12 movies a year that fall into that category. If youre going to make a video game movie why not choose better material.

  6. I hope it’s like Future Soldier’s live action teaser, that was awesome.

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