The Last Of Us Has A Nasty Autosave Bug

A quick heads-up to those of you out there playing today’s big release The Last of Us – reports on NeoGAF suggest that there may be a bug with the game’s autosave system that could lose you progress.

It’s unclear whether the issue comes from the core game or the day-one patch, but what seems to be happening is that the game’s save system simply stops responding after a particular amount of time. The game gets stuck trying to autosave, and will fail to manually save, with your only real option being to come back out of the game and reload it back up again and hope your last successful save wasn’t too long ago – unfortunately the game seems to fail going to the main menu too, leaving you with just rebooting the console. The bug was originally reported by GAF’s Dragon1893, with other members corroborating the issue.


Our advice is to check the pause menu regularly – if the game shows that the last autosave was less than a few minutes ago, you’re fine, but if it simply stays for a while on “autosaving, please wait” without changing, you may have hit the bug. Hopefully a fix isn’t too far away.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. when you first load the title does it take ages for anyone else? i know previous naughty dog titles have long initial load times but it just felt like i was waiting more than a minute each time

  2. No, No, im picking this up this afternoon, hopefully Naughty dog will have this sorted very soon. Come to think of it, this is not like Naughty Dog to have the game breaking bugs.

    • Its done by the Naughty Dog B-team though isn’t it? At least that was my impression as their top team will be working on next-gen. Might explain the bugs and lack of polish.

      • Well that is true Eldave0, but i would of considered any team under the Naughty Dog banner to up to the same standard as the main team, after all the ND name might aswell be covered in platinum and diamonds, imo.

        But hey im sure they are on top of it as we speak.

      • Errr… firstly there is no “B-team” there are just two teams. Secondly, it’s one of the most polished and bug free games I’ve ever played.

      • It’s safe to say the team who didn’t work on Uncharted are the B-team :P
        And reviewers have pointed out plenty of AI bugs, along with this huge save bug.

        Great game obviously but its still open to criticism

    • I will be gutted if this is a bug that exists without patches as there are people without internet connections on their PS3s. Sure, they’re in the minority but they exist.

      • Yeah that would be a nightmare, even more so as this is one of the swansongs for the end of the PS3.

  3. My copy arrived today but I might wait until they release a patch. I’ve been looking forward to this game for months and I don’t want a bug like this to sour the experience. I need to finish Mass Effect 2 anyway so it’s no biggie.

  4. Just noticed this whilst playing, thought there was something wrong, looks like my savings broke. Annoying really as I’ve spent a good 2 hours on it now :/

  5. my copy was working fine last night.

  6. Smells like a patch problem, hasn’t had (finished the game last week) or heard any of anyone having this problem with review copies, which didn’t have the patch.

  7. As I can’t play any games for the next 7 weeks, Naughty Dog should have this sorted by then and I can fully enjoy the game when I’m able to start gaming again. :)

  8. Oh dear, i’ll probably still pick it up today and try to hold off playing it until it’s fixed.

  9. I’m not having a go at the reviewer, but how is this missed? It must’ve shown in the review copy?

  10. Balls, just lost 4 hours progress.
    ND have one week to fix or I’m going out killing. No pressure.

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