The Last Of Us Has A Nasty Autosave Bug

A quick heads-up to those of you out there playing today’s big release The Last of Us – reports on NeoGAF suggest that there may be a bug with the game’s autosave system that could lose you progress.

It’s unclear whether the issue comes from the core game or the day-one patch, but what seems to be happening is that the game’s save system simply stops responding after a particular amount of time. The game gets stuck trying to autosave, and will fail to manually save, with your only real option being to come back out of the game and reload it back up again and hope your last successful save wasn’t too long ago – unfortunately the game seems to fail going to the main menu too, leaving you with just rebooting the console. The bug was originally reported by GAF’s Dragon1893, with other members corroborating the issue.


Our advice is to check the pause menu regularly – if the game shows that the last autosave was less than a few minutes ago, you’re fine, but if it simply stays for a while on “autosaving, please wait” without changing, you may have hit the bug. Hopefully a fix isn’t too far away.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Bloody hell, just took the afternoon off work to play this game, 3 hours in and i notice the autosave is stuck. Quit the game and it crashes the PS3 and im back to 30 mins into the game with the autosave still freezing. Does nothing get tested these days, seriously how was something like this missed.

  2. Just played for a few hours, someone commented on Facebook on my link about ‘how the start is great’ and they said there is a save bug!
    I paused, seen it was stuck on auto save, reset it and BOOM! Back to the fecking prologue. How was this bug not found before release?

  3. Dammit – I should have hit the forums first. Two hours of play down the swanny. FWIW, my two hour review would be: gorgeous looking, great acting, superb script … not that much game thus far.

    • “gorgeous looking, great acting, superb script … not that much game thus far”

      Sounds like the opening to Uncharted3 then, lol. That game takes a lifetime to get going!

  4. And this is why this generation i stopped buying games on Day 1 of release and ‘buying into’ 10/10 scores.Sorry to sound cynical, i’ve bought and loved all 3 Uncharted games and yes i know this is a big game, technically and bugs do slip through, but come on, something as ‘basic’ a feature as an ‘autosave’ slipping through a games release this late in the PS3’s life cycle? i just expect better.

    Anyone know just what the day 1 patch was supposed to fix?.Becoming a sign of the times these days that not only is there a day 1 patch sat waiting, but that it will need patching itself later.

    Not going to be a popular opinion, but developers these days seem to be streching resources thin, splitting teams into 2, having them working on 2 big projects at a time is resulting in ‘weaker’ games.Good as Uncharted 3 was, i found it lacking compared to Uncharted 2 and it felt clear it did’nt have the focus in terms of resources the 2nd game did.Now we see this…

    If this bug was known at, come review, but promise was:Don’t worry, it’ll be fixed by day 1 patch, then sorry, it’s not a 10/10 (this applies to everywhere i’ve seen it get a 10:EDGE, Eurogamer etc) as not everyone has the internet, so would’nt be able to resolve a key issue, simply by downloading a fix.

    Dissapointing Naughty Dog, very dissapointing.

    • Bad doggy!

    • Agreed. Classic case of rushing a game out the door before its finished.

  5. I was having this problem so i deleted patch 1.01 from ‘Game Save Data’ on the XMB andleft the ethernet cable unplugged then played it for an hour without the auto save staying on the start menu. This means the problem must be with the patch. Please share this news around.

    • I have not tried multiplayer but I imagine it wont work unless you have the latest patch

      • I played last night without the patch and got onto a multiplayer game without any issues. So guessing the patch was for fixing bugs rather than enabling content.

  6. Goddamn I hit this bug and probably wasted 2hrs of it now! I was tweeting bout this problem until Telfon told me about it and was on TSA news and here I am. Damn it Naughty Dog……. goddamn!

  7. As rosswilson17 has stated. Can please someone confirm if its the patch which has caused the bug as I’m now about to buy it on my way home from work. If it is I’ll avoid signing in to PSN and play without the patch. Either that or just have a go on multiplayer.

    • NeoGAF forum thread initial post has been updated to say that “we’ve confirmed that the bug is not being caused by the patch that was released today”.

  8. Most people on my friends list say they didnt have a problem last night pre-patch

  9. I was planning on picking up the game today, but looks like I’ll wait until the patch is out. Thanks for the update, TSA. You just saved me $60.

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