There Are Now Over 500 Developers Working On PS4 Games

When Sony held their initial PlayStation 4 reveal in New York in February, the platform holder boasted there were 126 developers currently making games for the console. That wasn’t exactly a modest amount, but it pales into insignificance when compared to the current figure.

In a press release [via] issued during E3 this last week, Sony claimed there are now 505 developers making games for the system, which is a massive increase.

Sadly the statement doesn’t list which new developers are on board, and whilst we’re sure not every game will end up being a triple-A blockbuster it’s hard hard to imagine that there’s going to be a good chunk of great titles in there.

Sony has been touting the likes of Bungie’s Destiny (which got its gameplay reveal during Sony’s pre-E3 conference) and support from Square Enix and Ubisoft, with the total of confirmed games currently at 110. Sony’s first parties have 30 games in development, and 12 are new IPs (like Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886).

20 of those games will be available within twelve months of launch.



  1. Excellent News;) What a brilliant PS week this has been:P

    • You best comment since joining TSA. :-)

      • “You best”

        It’s like a full role reversal!

      • Haha I agree with buninomike. Passionate, sensible and not over the top. What a great week for playstation. I too have been buzzing and can’t wait to play some of those new titles.

      • It would appear we share a brain and it was my day off. :-)

    • I haven’t noticed you around before but welcome to TSA! ;-)

  2. I wonder how many devs have signed up with Sony since the MS PR farce, or have decided to go with both MS and Sony than just MS alone.

    • Sony

      • Sony had a great opportunity at gdc to get developers on side. Is what I meant to post.

  3. But it was still at 126 developers up to last week, right? ;-)
    Seriously though, that seems like an unprecedented amount of developers to have on-board for any new console, could it be that many developers have lost faith in Microsoft and want to court Sony now?..

    .. or maybe it’s 372 PSM developers..?

    Whichever, it looks like PS4 will not be short on content.

  4. I’m guessing a lot of them are Indies that have already told Sony their plans to self publish maybe?
    Also there will be studios since February that have finished PS3/360 development and have now moved onto next gen.

    • I was reading an interview the other day about why a developer (can’t remember who) wasn’t releasing games on X1. MS wouldn’t approve their game unless they had a publisher, even though they’ve always published themselves.
      So it not just the gamers MS is peeing off.

      • That was Oddworld Inhabitants talking about the HD remake of Abe’s Odyssey!

      • Yep that’s right, just couldn’t think of the name.

  5. The third-party I’m most excited about developing on PS4 is Rockstar. I’m really looking forward to seeing what R* San Diego will do with Red Dead.

  6. these make ma wanna buy a PS4 this Christmas. i wanted to buy a Vita this holiday season and only a year later a PS4. but these announcements……

  7. Does anyone know how many dev’s have worked on ps3 (so far)during its life cycle?

  8. But is there time to play all these games?

    Answer = nooooo but I can try.

  9. Sony have made all kindzzzz of gainzzzz :-))

  10. Brilliant news! It’ll be interesting to hear from devs that tried the PS3 and didn’t like it, I’d like to know what they have to say about why te PS4 is easier to work with. Also, are we sure it’s ‘505 developers’ and not ‘505 developing’? I’d like a new IL-2 :)

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