Sony Details PlayStation Plus On PlayStation 4

Sony has detailed the changes PlayStation Plus will see on the PlayStation 4 , with the inclusion of online gaming into the Plus subscription just the start. Thankfully, pretty much everything else is a positive, although the company hasn’t decided on Gaikai.

“It is time to charge,” said Sony Europe MD Fergal Gara [via], “but it is time to charge and still continue to deliver phenomenal value.”

“A PlayStation Plus subscriber for PlayStation 4 comes away with a hell of a lot,” he said. “First of all, the subscription applies across all three platforms, so if you have the three platforms then you have an instant game collection on all three.”

[drop2]”But it is true to say that the online multiplayer element for PS4, you do require the subscription,” Gara added.

“If you choose not to subscribe we are still gating relatively little in many senses,” he added, “so access to online catch-up TV and online movie services sit outside of the gate, for example.”

“The social features of PS4 and PS4 games and things like auto-updates on PS4 sit outside of PlayStation Plus, so we’re trying to be as balanced and as fair as we possibly can.” Auto-updates are a Plus benefit on PS3.

“If you choose to pay the subscription, yes, you get one important element of modern-day gameplay, but you also get fantastic value in games, including the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub.”

Gara says that the inclusion of Gaikai into PlayStation Plus hasn’t been decided, though, and could still be behind the £40 a year subscription fee. “We haven’t decided,” he said, adding that the Remote Play feature (that’ll mean Vita consoles can play PS4 games) “uses some Gaikai technology.”

“Will that be part of PlayStation Plus? I genuinely don’t know. Will that require some other, different charging mechanism? Perhaps. We just haven’t sat down to answer that question yet.”

Sony will introduce Gaikai’s PS3 playback in 2014 in the US.



  1. As others have said, I already subscribe to Plus so not too fussed about needing Plus to play online. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaikai is added to an extra tier on Plus when it’s ready to be used.

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