Twenty Minute Killzone Shadow Fall Demonstration Video

Killzone Shadow Fall is looking pretty great. We’ve already seen the first eight minutes of this video – it was shown at Sony’s PS4 announcement in February. After that time, it’s all talk about the gameplay we’ve seen, with some nice new titbits of information.

Developers from Guerrilla Games talk us through the design and technology while showing some new gameplay.

We played the game last week – click here to find out what we think of it.



  1. day one for me!

    • Aye, me too Mikey ;) It’s looking ace. :)

  2. Watched this a few days ago. Hugely impressive stuff and was lovely to see them showing off different views and also stopping the action then moving the camera around. It gives you/us a chance to really look at the detail/lighting/shadows/etc.

    It’s not an “exciting” video, per se, but it’s bloody interesting stuff. :-)

  3. The cutscenes looked fantastic, but thought the gameplay was distinctly average. Not hyped for this one at all really. Thought the ‘one handed hanging on to a rope, while flying through a city, but somehow keeping a dead still aim’ bit was particularly bad.

    • I thought it was a nice little action scene. Alters the pace of the game abit. To me, Killzone Shadowfalls campaign sounds glorious. There are the more linear, action focused levels akin to past Killzones, explosive set pieces similar to those found in COD games (even though they tend to be just one giant set piece) whilst also having the odd open level that is more similar to how Crysis’s campaign works. It’s a bit of everything I feel, and that should hopefully fit in with the narrative and pace of the game – as I feel this could have a great story due to the cold war feel to it.

  4. That was AMAZING :P
    + I love his T-Shirt :D SELL THEM SONY!!! & i will buy a few :P + I won’t watch anymore KZ:SF videos after this so i won’t spoil the game when i buy it + That City looks AMAZING!!! :P + Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get in that drop-ship & visit any of those buildings :P Maybe when the PS5 comes out then LoL:D

  5. I’ve never been a huge Killzone fan,but i have to say this looks really impressive and ill no doubt pick it up to give it whirl as ill need a shooter for my PS4 come release.

  6. Looking forward to this game, but I did notice that the future seems to be a total smoke free zone….surely with all these big guns around no one lives long enough to worry about smoking (I did not see many old folks around lol)

  7. He said it is pre-alpha gameplay?! Wow.

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