XCOM: Enemy Unknown Arrives On iOS This Week

Firaxis’ strategy masterpiece is making the leap to mobile platforms. The iOS version will be priced at $20 – that’s tier 20 on the App Store pricing matrix and should translate to €15.99 and £13.99.


It’s coming this Thursday, with a free patch scheduled for release later that will unlock head-to-head multiplayer. There’s no date just yet for this functionality to be added.

The iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will support GameCenter and feature iCloud integration which means that you can save the game on your iPad and resume it from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Supported devices include the iPad 2 and up (including the Mini), iPhone 4S and higher, and iPod Touch 5th Gen. It’s claimed that this is a full XCOM experience and it seems like it could be perfect for the iPad but I’m not so sure how comfortable it will be on the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod Touch.

There’s no word on Android just yet, unfortunately.



  1. Temptastic.

  2. Very expensive. Not if you haven’t played it before as you’ll get many hours from it but releasing it the same month it’s on plus as that price won’t help sales.

    • That strikes me as a bit of an odd remark, although I might be very wrong – do you think there’s much of an overlap of PS Plus subscribers with PS3s and iOS owners?
      I suppose there will be an overlap but given the iOS user base, I’d guess it’s not hugely significant (although Microsoft’s 2nd screen strategy is banking on a similar overlap, I suppose…)

      • Yeah I guess you’re right but most people who use iOS casually won’t be willing to put down £12 whereas someone who games more will know its value and perhaps be more tempted. These are the people I believe will be buying the game and for the same price as the game they could get 3months ps+ access to it if they don’t already subscribe.
        Myself, I’d always go for the console version for the bigger screen/trophies.

    • Yeah , i’ll second that comment, i played it (half way through) and loved it, but then traded it in while it was worth something.

      Now i can finish it off for free on PLUS. . . had this not happened, i’d have bought it for my ipad to take on holiday and finished it off then.

  3. One of the best games I’ve played this generation, would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who can’t experience the console version!

  4. Just downloaded it from PS+!

    How long PS+ could £13.99 get you?

  5. Nooooooooo must resist… oh wait I only have an ipad 1.

  6. Vita please.

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