Dutch Retailer Pins PS4 Date As November 13th

[drop2]Whilst Sony hasn’t offered a solid release date for the PlayStation 4 beyond “this year”, several retailers have had a pop at a launch date – especially online ones.

Today a photo was snapped of Dutch high-street retailer MediaMarkt’s PS4 promotional standee, which clearly states that the console would appear on the 13th of November.

Apparently similar promo stands have been seen in other European countries today.

The date would place it after some key PS4 games have actually hit the shelves, although this isn’t totally unheard of in the industry.

This is also a Wednesday, for the record.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment.

Via NeoGAF.



  1. cool

  2. Hmmm!!! If I book this day (and a few immediately following it) off work now and it turns out to be wrong, is there an ombudsman I can complain to? ;-)

    • Yeah, but only in Holland

    • Ha, i think i’ll wait for definite confirmation before i book my day(s) off :)

  3. Is it just me or does the text looked photoshopped on? Just seems a bit pixelated, especially just above the text.

    • It isn’t an official poster imo.

      • I agree. It doesn’t scream official Sony made poster to me. Nothing is certain until Sony announces the date. Not even then:p

    • I think that’s just down to the contrast as the text is white.

  4. The sooner the better!

  5. Oh god please let it be so! That would happen to be my birthday, and a week after returning from honeymoon, so will need some cheering up from the Scottish November weather!

  6. That date has been around for about a week with some of the same sites showing the 21st for the XBO.

    I’m guessing there will be an announcement at Gamescon but who would want to announce first knowing your competitor to jump in ahead of you.

  7. Only 146 days, better start counting down on my calendar!

  8. Strange that it’s only on the dutch part of MediaMarkt – which is German by the way.

  9. MediaMarkt is German – not the Dutch part of MediaMarkt which is Dutch, so……nevermind, you know what I mean.

  10. Imagine if these machines launched the same day – That would be incredible to watch. Never gonna happen of course. Still, release this close together is still unheard of.

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