Watch Dogs Multiplayer Revealed In “Seamless” Video

Wondering what Watch Dogs was like in multiplayer? Looks like it’s very similar to single player, but with more running around and less scripted set-pieces.

The video above, apparently official (in Russian) shows off the “seamless” online mode, which does – as it’s presumably running on one hell of a PC – look great.

Read our full preview from E3 here.




  1. Video has been taken down.

  2. They took it down already :(

  3. Was posted by Ubisoft Russia, but yet Ubisoft take it down due to copyright claims?

    Stupid fools.

  4. Is this the vid?

    • Whatever it is, unfortunately it’s not available in my country.

      • Try copy and pasting link in URL

      • That video also says Ubi have blocked it.

      • Still works for me by copying pasting into URL on iPhone.

    • Ah, it does work with that method, thanks. Looks like the multiplayer could be interested, although possibly a little repetitive.

  5. Looks like a Fake account to me, I saw a couple of “Leaked” videos on there channel ;)

  6. I’d imagine that the multiplayer will comprise of more than just hacking other players.

  7. Video works for me(ps3 browser.) It does look gorgeous, I just wish it was next-gen exclusive, to raise the bar higher. Not sold on cross-gen titles atm. Hoping for a demo on the PS4, to change that.

  8. I really can not wait for the PS4 launch… This time I was really trying to have an open mind.. but Playstation won again..

    And seeing this kind of games.. I really want summer to be over ;-)

  9. Why does he run really oddly? His arms are flailing all over the shop.

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