Ten Minute Outlast Gameplay Video Is Scary

Outlast, although releasing on the PC, will be “console exclusive” to the PS4. Red Barrels, the game’s developer, has posted a ten minute gameplay video showcasing just how scary we can expect Outlast to be.

If you’ve played either of the Slender games on PC you’ll be familiar with the view point of Outlast; it’s all played from the angle of a video camera. Instead of having a torch to hand the camera has a night vision option instead.


In the game you’ll play as a journalist exploring an old asylum which, unfortunately for you, is full of strange and, by the looks of it, quite horrifying creatures.


If even a small ten minute showing can get a jump or two out of me, I’m looking forward to seeing how many mini heart attacks the full game will give me.

Source: Youtube



  1. This game really has my attention.

    Looks great, and the pedigree behind the studio is fantastic (ex Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed devs).

    And proper horror on a console again! What’s not to like?

  2. Sounds promising. The bit with the night vision camera reminds me of REC.

  3. Love it.

  4. Just watching made me jump haha. Watching this with interest.

  5. what an awesome video! really has gotten my attention! pre-order? this game will make me cry!

  6. Really atmospheric, I think this has just made it’s way onto my PS4 wish list.

  7. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as I like a wee scare now and again……the more the merrier (so to speak).

  8. Though yeah it does looks promising,and very creepy,what else do you do in this game other than just walk around looking for exit?

    • Clearly it’s meant to show off the convenience of Remote Play – you can enjoy those pants-wetting moments while having the peace of mind of being comfortably seated in the smallest room in the house .. ;)

  9. And also just found out this will be part of ps+ ps4 instant collection from day one along with drive club!!!worth a punt for free!!


  10. Can’t quite put my finger on just why exactly, but it reminds me a lot of Condemned, which is no bad thing.

    Great use of audio, my only concerns are:Hope there’s an option to turn the on-screen prompts off, as they spoil the immersion i feel, slightly concerned that game play might get a little stale if it’s just run, hide, run, hide etc.

    Also hope the talk of advanced A.I turns out to be more than just talk.

    All in all so far, looking promising.

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