LittleBigPlanet Dev Ends Sony Deal, Signs PixelJunk

Double Eleven, who contributed to the development of LittleBigPlanet on PS Vita before turning to concentrating on publishing, have signed a deal with PlayStation favourites PixelJunk.


The British team split with Sony in terms of their previous exclusivity deal earlier in the month after slimming down their staff numbers. “Working with XDev was a massive positive experience for us,” said the company’s Mark South. “It helped us not only release one of the highest rated games on Vita but also established our studio, and set the stage for what we are now doing.”

Today it was announced that PixelJunk would be one of the new publisher’s studios. “Double Eleven has an outstanding track record in video game development, and we like their way of thinking when it comes to publishing,” said Q Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, who are behind the PixelJunk series.

“Q Games is about making memorable experiences for everyone, and Double Eleven are the perfect partner to see our vision through.”

“Q Games bring a phenomenal amount of knowledge, creative ability, passion and, most significantly, games to the mix,” offered Mark South, COO of Double Eleven. “Most importantly, when we met Dylan and the team it became pretty clear that we would hugely complement each other’s plans for making great games.”

Details on what the new deal will entail are expected soon.

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  1. Oh lord, when I read the title I thought Media Molecule had left Sony, I almost shat a chicken!

    • That’s what I though at first.
      Luckily I didn’t have the same issue with the chicken that you did!!

      • Yes I was also concerned but luckily no fowl fouling of my underwear.

    • i thought the same thing. felt so sorry for sony…

      • Same here, I was pretty bloody anxious there for a minute. I’m sure Media Molecule will be a huge boost in making the PS4 a success.

  2. My first thought was MM as well but couldn’t see how they could get out of the deal as Sony literally own them.

  3. Good luck to them. PixelJunk is a wonderful series of games, that’s for sure.

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