Mark Cerny To Talk PS4 Development Live At 11AM

PS4 system architect Mark Cerny will be delivering a talk live at 11AM UK time from GameLab, entitled “Road To The PS4”. The talk comes from Barcelona.

The stream above should work – if it doesn’t, it’s also available here. It’ll also be available on YouTube in a couple of days.



  1. This is just wonderful! Listening to it now whilst I work. Cerny is telling such great stories too! :-)

    • Oh, this is marvellous stuff! Talking about pre-Sony… then PS1, Spyro, Disney Interactive, pots of cash for games, Yoshida breaking rules to give Cerny a PS1 devkit.

      Everyone should listen. :-)

      • Yeah have to agree, this was extremely intresting. You can really see Mark Cerny’s passion for playstation coming across.

      • Truly is. After hearing all this isn’t MS and their Xbox just a “noisy neighbour” ? How could they possibly compete with such an console legacy.

      • Passion is definitely the word. Can’t wait to hear more from Mark.

  2. Damn – boss is about – i’ll have to watch this later! :)

  3. I’m watching inbetween working with the sound off so I’ll have to catch this again later

  4. Watching it from the beginning…very admirable chap, he’s been around!

    • I don’t think there’s anyone in Sony I’d rather hear about right now. What an awesome history he’s had so far and it’s hopefully going to get even better.

      Top bloke.

  5. That was brilliant. A great story from Cerny there. Not a lot of details on the ps4 unfortunately but interesting none the less.

  6. Very nice talk from Mark. Interesting to hear about the PlayStation legacy from the people who designed it and keep it on living.

  7. What a great presentation, I never realised Mark had such an interesting past, he put his passions and achievements across so well. Definitely worth a watch, in fact Sony should’ve buying time on telly for this guy, I wasn’t on the fence about getting a PS4 but my desire for one has doubled in the last hour.

    • Agreed, fella. The respect he earns continues to impress. Learn from their mistakes, approach everyone that’ll work with the PS4 devkits and communicate with them like hell.

      His placid nature is beguiling to watch.

      • I’m ashamed to say I mistook his gentle, Brian Cox like enthusiasm for camp sales speak during the PS4 announcement. I was very wrong, he just bleeds enthusiasm and its been a great move by Sony to throw him into the limelight. I also really liked the level his presentation was pitched at, basically perfect for people like me with only average knowledge but a deep loathing of marketing bullshit!

      • Yep. Same here. Cut to the chase but don’t hit me around the head with so much technical detail that I’m very likely to take my own life with the power-cord to my PC.

        I wouldn’t want Cerny announcing anything big as he doesn’t have that sort of presence. However, if I was going to be told about the end of the world and the simultaneous diagnose of my own terminal illness, he’s the man. Either that or some naked women just writhing around. You know, end it all sooner with a massive heart attack.

      • Haha yeah, a massive… heart attack.

      • Glad i’m not the only one who thought he came across as a bit camp during the PS4 reveal. I found it difficult to attach any weight to his presentation but he is a nice fellow.

      • Aye, I agree. He comes across as a bloody nice chap and he deserves all the success he can get. :)

      • How camp is he exactly? Camp enough to pull off a wig, get naked and start writhing around Bunimo cos some guy in the street the other day told me the end is nigh.

      • As long as he doesn’t slap me across the face with his passion and enthusiasm, I’m in.

  8. Where can we watch a replay?

    Edit: Oh, just seen on YouTube “in a couple of days”. That’s a bit of a bummer.

  9. “Cerny, then 18 years old, had his first major success with Marble Madness”

    Godly status achieved.

    • Cerny is definitely the object of a few man-crushes today. When I get a PS4 I might replace the Sony logo with a sticker that says Cerny.

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