European Puppeteer Demo Will Be Different To And Longer Than The Japanese Demo

The Japanese Puppeteer demo was – to us at least – a disappointment. It was a hefty download for what amounted to about five minutes of play. However, the European demo – which doesn’t yet have a date – will be substantially different and much longer, according to Gavin Moore, Art Director, SCE Worldwide Studios.


“The brief interactive stage specially designed for this concept gives Japanese gamers a peak behind the curtain at the cast of Puppeteer as they prepare for the ‘big show’,” says Moore.

“The characters can be seen busily rehearsing while the crew put together the elaborate set pieces to be used in the bunraku – or ‘puppet theatre’ – that serves as the game’s setting. However, the EU demo will offer a much deeper representation of everything you can expect from the game.”

Our hands on from the E3 demo is here, and we’ll have much more on Puppeteer soon…



  1. Every time I read previews on this and it says “bunraku”, I skim read “bukkake” and the game takes on a very different tone.

    • There does seem to be a lot of wood throughout the game…

  2. Tried the Japanese demo yesterday and whilst it was disappointingly short it has definitely increased my already high anticipation of the game.

  3. Preordered this beauty last night, I just hope the demo doesn’t turn me off.

  4. That video was ace. Any idea on a release date for this?

  5. DOH. Just noticed the release date at the side of the screen o_O

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