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Unfortunately for Puppeteer, the game released within days of Grand Theft Auto 5. Not even its unique charm or slashed RRP could help it really stand out in a crowded release window.

I was eager to review the game for TSA, and I had a very enjoyable time doing so. Although at first glance the game resembled LittleBigPlanet with its visual design Puppeteer was very much its own game.



As you may know the entirety of Puppeteer is a stage play, complete with red curtains and the cheers and gasps of the audience. The characters even went as far as to break the fourth wall – “you’ll find yourself quietly chuckling when Kutaro’s allies stop to criticise the narrator or even another character’s performance”.

The game, of course, wasn’t without a few flaws. There was a serious case of missed potential regarding the interchangeable heads idea, and after continuous playing the level design and general forumla of Puppeteer became a little repetitive.

I concluded in my review:

Puppeteer is, at its heart, a charming adventure, though not without its issues; it may have wasted the potential required with the interchangeable head idea to become something really special, but you will no doubt find yourself joining in with the audience laughing along to the antics on show and warming to the characters, be it hero or villain. There’s a great deal of fun to be had, even more with a friend, as you slice your way through Puppeteer. And the low price of the game is really just the icing on the cake

That’s enough about my thoughts on Puppeteer, we want to know your opinion. Was the LittleBigPlanet resemblance too uncanny for you? Or did you fall head over heels for the charming characters? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating, and make sure to get your mini-reviews in by Sunday evening to be included in next week’s round-up.



  1. Would have liked to have seen this brought to ps4. I think it would have have sold well. From what i’ve heard it part of the PS Now launch so not coning to ps4 any time soon. Played the demo and loved it, definately slipped under the radar of most though.

  2. Hannypoppie and I recently played this (during the Christmas hols). The co-op tutorial and opening hour is so damned charming I think it’s a master-class in how to lower someone into a game that requires it. Outstanding stuff.

    However, we’ve played half way through and need to return so I’m aware of the “going through the motions” feeling which repetition can often bring in.

    It really, REALLY needs to be on PS+ later this year but I’ll plump for Bargain Bin It.

  3. I took a break from GTA V to play this and really enjoyed it. Charming and gorgeous, with a nice challenge to the gameplay – nothing too taxing but you probably won’t get all the collectible heads in one playthrough.
    (Many times i would lose one head and then while trying to retrieve it ended up losing another!) Each head has a unique animation and specific ones are needed to unlock the bonus challenges which are then available at the main menu for replay once unlocked, along with a charming little bonus storybook for each chapter you complete.
    The constant banter of the characters could be a bit off-putting for some but i restricted myself to savouring just two or three levels per session so i found it wonderfully entertaining.

    BUY IT.

    BUY IT.

  4. It was one of my most anticipated games of 2013, and it didn’t disappoint. Yes, the head swapping could have been better implemented, the pacing was a bit slow, and some of the absurdity missed the mark – an unavoidable side effect of something that is truly absurd. However, the end result was amazing!

    The scissor mechanics and Hero Heads were a ton of fun. The art direction, level design, and bosses provided an insane amount of variety. And there was a vaudevillian charm – reminiscent of Disneyland or The Muppets – that I’ve never seen utilized so well in videogames.

    Buy it. (because I want a sequel, spiritual successor, or just more work from that outstandingly creative team.)

  5. Played a fair bit of this but I think perhaps it’s most suited to parent and child when it comes to co-op.
    Played with my partner for a bit, it is really well made, but I prefer the LBP games. They are generally less harsh with the difficulty spikes, whereas this can be quite frustrating at times.

    A slight mistake on later levels often sees instant deaths and secrets are unnecessarily hard to uncover. You’ll know what needs to be done but multiple replays are needed as you won’t have the right head at the right time, and I am getting a bit tired of games pushing for that all the time. I don’t have time to replay every game 2 or 3 times. I appreciate it’s not all about getting 100% but the game does a good job of constantly reminding you that you missed most of the secrets and collectibles.

    I do want to go back and finish this though, some very nice story telling, and very amusing at times. Cut scenes can be a bit overly long but I don’t mind that as they’re so well done. Just be aware, that even if you’re a platforming expert, you’ll have to keep revisiting levels to get the most out of it and to get 100%. And there are a lot of levels. Which works fine in some games but maybe not in one that is so heavily narrated.

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