Mark Cerny’s “Road To PS4” Talk Now On YouTube

We’ve already covered Mark Cerny’s presentation, but if you missed it, it’s now on YouTube, above. This version has been adjusted a little (Sony’s original upload had severe audio issues) and has been cropped so it’s just Cerny, and not the introductory host.

It’s a fascinating presentation.



  1. Great I missed this due to work.

  2. Downloading it as i type, so that I can watch it offline later tonight. :)

  3. Thanks TC!!

  4. Sony is reportedly going to announce the release date of PS4 at Gamescom 2013 (21/8/13).

  5. Wow, he’s got a very long history with gaming and Sony.

  6. I watched this earlier, I started on a whim but thoroughly enjoyed it, he’s one of the few people in the industry who can give a talk and completely hold the attention of everyone in the room.

  7. The interesting thing with the presentation is that he talks about the Bandwidth of DDR3/eDRAM being higher but not better than unified DDR5 – possibly being that the capacity of on-chip eDRAM limits the theoretical bandwidth as soon as you have to load anything in from DDR3

    • The comparison was with lower bandwidth GDDR5 RAM but the essence of your comment is correct.

      • Yeah I keep missing off the ‘G’ from GDDR5 :( plus apparently the Xbox one is using eSRAM rather than eDRAM

  8. I’m going to buy Knack just because Mark Cerny seems really awesome.

  9. I was already in love with Cerny but after watching this earlier today, I have found my new hero. He is a legend at Sony. Didn’t know he was this old. He looks like he’s not even 40, yet! The things he has achieved in his life… I’m in awe…

    • Same here. It was “where the hell have you been hiding all these years” when someone like Sony should’ve wheeled him out ages ago. Regardless, he’s a very welcome addition to the games media spotlight.

  10. Awesome talk and Mark Cerny is clearly a great asset for Sony.

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