Community Chronicle: 30/06/13

Don’t you hate it when your internet poops out? Because that’s exactly what mine has been doing for the last 24 hours. Luckily enough I have my phone’s hotspot as a backup, meaning I can bring this Chronicle to you. (Actually, it turns out that tethering isn’t really allowed on my plan…)

Ah, technology. Thank goodness that Microsoft didn’t carry on with that “always online” nonsense, eh?

In the hot seat this week is wardy-77-, who you might better know or remember as OnlineAssassin, or just OA… You may well remember him from the endless messages on PSN as he flip flopped between user names, due to various online services messing him around!

Lets hand over to the man himself so he can describe his set up:

Picture one is my 40 inch Samsung 3D TV next to my PS Vita and Astro A40’s, with my baby the 1TB White PS3 in the second. She’s beautiful!

Then we have my small stack of physical copies of games and tiny (just started) collection of Blu-rays, with the man himself, Kratos at the bottom. Finally, my HP 1080p ENVY dv7 i7 Quad Core Laptop with Beats By Dr. Dre audio. Oh, she bangs!

And that’s it! It’s not a massive collection of physical games as most are on my HDD, over 100 digital games, but at least I might not get your requests for setup/rig pictures now!

You never know, I might conveniently forget that you’ve already sent me photos, and I’ll barrage you with more begging! That white PS3 Slim is utterly gorgeous, though. I can’t wait to see what a white PS4 might look like…

If you too want to be in with a chance of avoiding my regular Saturday afternoon message barrage, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

There haven’t been too many big achievements this week, as people plug away at games or play online. Quite a few people are enjoying The Last of Us online, with a fairly unique blend coming from the influence of the single player.

Sadly for Motalla, he’s out of the running for a Buzz platinum, which he aimed to get ahead of the online servers shutting down. He’s being held back by not being able to log on to a now defunct website which supported the game. It’s particularly cruel, as was one of Grid 2’s online trophies not popping up for R1MJAW. At least Crazy_Del was finally awarded the trophy for playing 100 games online with one of the Vita FIFA games… It only took him 170 games to get there, because FIFA clearly can’t count!

Tactical20 has had a busy week, finishing off God of War: Ascension and BioShock Infinite. Element666 bettered this with the platinum for Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and Far Cry 3, finally polishing off the last two trials for the former.

I seem to have been somewhat remiss last week, as I failed to spot phantom5813‘s Tomb Raider platinum landing in my inbox, so my apologies. However, I did notice B_Cambo getting Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning platinum and cam_manutd taking the FIFA 13 platinum, which only a tiny percentage of people have managed!

Rounding us out, BadBoyBoogie goes where no man from TSA has gone yet with the Star Trek fastest platinum, whilst Shaggy2Dope followed behind in the away shuttle, with a pair of Vita records for Ben 10 Galactic Racing and New Little King’s Story.

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. @Crazy_Del – I remember getting that stupid 100 games online trophy in FIFA 10. Incredibly annoying, because if your opponent quitted, the ‘win’ did not count toward the trophy’s total. Surely EA must have fixed this by now? No?

    • Nope they haven’t its a simply copy and paste since ’09. Yep I remember Fifa 10 the trophy was called Ton Up I think (Win 100 matches) Sadly EA shut the servers down last year I believe and it is now unobtainable to Platinum!
      Very annoying!

  2. That is one nice shiny white ps3, Wardy! Never seen one before. I feel honoured playing against your machine.

    I have been collecting Buzz trophies the last days. The Lightning reflexes trophy was a real bitch. answering 3 questions correct within 0,5 seconds in total. As I wrote before, making the Buzz quizes is probably gone, so no platinum there. I can unlock one more trophy, no online stuff, I need to play friends 50 times. The hard thing is that I have no friends……….. LOL

    • Aye, sadly it is on, only just though apparently it was still possible to jimmy your way into the Quiz website until late March. I misses out too. Bugger :(

    • Cheers Motalla yeah you don’t see many out in the wild ;)

  3. I remember in ’09 when I signed up for this site just loving the community aspect and then life took over and I totally forgot and just read the news. Really interested in getting involved. Especially that trophy leader-board :)

    • Just post in the leaderboard thread in the forums and you will be added

  4. Wow that white slim is very pretty, nice setup Wardy!
    I’m surprised no ones achieves the Wimbledon Perversion bronze forum trophy (or similar) for gawping at ladies backsides and getting away with it all week. Shame. Did anyone else see Lisicki claiming medical time out just so she could do her nails? I was appalled, but then forgave her immediately because she’s hot and German.

  5. Heads Up
    I forgot to send the leaderboard last week. So it’s all my fault. All is good now though.

  6. Neat set up OA, cracking console, although I wonder if the controllers should have been equipped with light grey buttons (like the power strip on the console or PS button) instead of black….it’d be nice to compare anyways. I want the laptop! :P
    Not sure where those 34 trophies of mine came from must be losing track, I finished off a few LBPK trophies and plat but it only seems like I’ve had about 6 trophies in the last few weeks! Grats to everyone else with those fine achievements and platinums though.
    What an awesome race yesterday!! :)

    • Cheers Freeze yeah the controllers would look nice the same colour as the power/eject strip,the laptop is like listening to a hifi it bangs with all the equalizer adjustments you can do the beats speakers and sub underneath,makes all the other laptops i’ve used/listened to sound like tin cans the volume goes to 100 an i use it around 20 most of the time lol,also the picture quality is fantastic. and she hasn’t let me down yet. ;)

      • Controllers buttons that was ment to be not the contollers themselves,although i recon they wouldn’t look bad in that colour :D

  7. Nice PS3 man ;)

    And looking at the picture of your TV just reminds me that I need to get meself a bigger TV, but with PS4 being out in a few months I think it’ll need to wait.

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