Don Mattrick is Now Zynga’s CEO

As we reported earlier, Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick has moved on from the company, to take the role as CEO at Zynga, a leader in social and casual games.

Mattrick will join Zynga from July 8th, taking over as CEO from Mark Pincus, who founded Zynga. Pincus will remain heavily involved with the company, however, as a Chief Product Officer and Chairman of the board.


Pincus praised the way Mattrick is “unique in the game business,” saying that “he can execute in multiple domains – hardware, software and network” and describing him as “one of the top executives in the overall entertainment business” as well as “a great coach who has inspired people to do their best work and build strong, productive teams.”

This comes soon after the Xbox One reveal and the debacle with used games, though as far as we know the reasons for the move aren’t due to that; Mattrick wished to move back to the Bay area and people move on in this industry all the time.

Source: MCV



  1. *uneasy silence*

    • I love it when the timing of something is so hilariously obvious but is painted as a completely different situation. Sure, there’s a 5% chance the reasons are legit but, come on!

      To be fair to Don, the feedback has been so ferocious online I’m impressed he’s walked the streets safely! Ah… the house move. *ting* It’s because the last place was set on fire by disgruntled Xbox fans.¹ The poor chap is on the run!

      ¹ I jest. It was a probably a meteorite. :-P

      • You’ve got some valid points.
        “The poor chap is on the run!” – I’m not sure whether I’d rather be him or Edward Snowden.

  2. A bit of a drop down. I’m not really a fan of MS but there is no way you would move to Zynga. The name Zynga means no buy or no download when I see there name. I do give MS a bit of chance at least. I don’t like FB type of unskillful type games.

  3. Will the X1 debacle claim any more scaps?

    • or scalps for that matter?

    • You’d think they’d get rid of that dual watch wielding car salesman.

    • “Yeah, hi… Erm. This is Mister Ballmer. From Microsoft? Is that the Walt Disney cold store?”
      “Yes, sir. How can we help you today?”
      “Well, erm, we need to have someone, erm… Defrosted?”
      “Yes, sir. Are you a relative or a concerned party?”
      “The, umm second… Party? Concerned. Yes. Hmm, definately concerned.”
      “Right, sir. And who is it you want us to thaw out today?”
      “Allard. J. Allard.”
      “Right you are, sir. By the way, I wonder if you’d be interested in our 2-for-1 offer? Only Cliff Bleszinki’s starting to turn.”

  4. I feel like this slightly uglier Tom Cruise was on his way out anyway. He’s probably a nice guy really but I’ve always felt like he was trying to feed me food that came out of my own arse.

  5. There could be some tough times ahead in the gaming world, especially in the MS corner. Would I consider him the first rat to jump ship, probably not, its a little to early to know if the Xbox One is actually going to sink. But I will say this, the first rat to jump usually gets to keep the most cheese.

    Although jumping ship to Zynga is like jumping from the lifeboat back to the Titanic.

    • That last sentence made me chuckle.. :)

      Thanks, i needed that.

  6. It was inevitable. Good luck to him, I’m sure he’s learned a lot over the last month or two…

  7. nananana, Nananana, Hey HEY, GOOD BYE

    • Oh my good god, we have a Bananarama fan!

      • and that’s Really Saying Something!

      • On that note I better get on with some work. Besides, someones calling my phone… more than likely Robert DeNiro.

      • Don’t judge me :-(

  8. Microsoft have to show to the investors that it was someones fault within regarding the recent fuckup over the Xbox One. I think he was it personally. He might not have been shown the door, but was politely asked and was most probably given a nice hefty brown envelope/suitcase or two, on the way out.

    Good luck to him either way.

  9. Good riddance.

  10. But is this good for games?

    Is Zynga thinking realsing games on consoles in the future?

    He is one of few people who would know how much EA, Activion, Ubisoft, Take 2 (Rockstar) are really paying to release games on xBox. So if Zynga was think about relasing games on consoles that knowledge would be very valuable.

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